Justin Bieber is reported to have been struck by facial paralysis. He has since canceled all his shows.

Is it Giullian‐Barré syndrome? How about Bell’s Palsy? Ramsay Hunt’s syndrome? All of which are the likelihood of having taken the )ew juice. Who knows? Rest assured, he’s grateful for all his vaccinations, because it could have been so much worse. His wife had a stroke, too, but it could have been so much more worse.

What can I say? I’m enjoying being a Pure Blood, which is like saying, I’m enjoying not being a retarded lemming. It can get lonely at times, but these ongoing occurrences of the retards dropping dead and suffering severe side effects from the clot shots, keep a smile on my face.

I don’t and haven’t been writing too much about the plandemic and the vaccine fallout, because it’s a forgone conclusion by now. People are going to drop like flies and I don’t care anymore. The choices we make. However, when a major celebrity like this is afflicted, believe that there is something brewing.