Turn on your shit tubes, guys. I mean your televisions. Congress is getting ready to remove Trump as a figurehead and symbolic representation of the White zeitgeist.

Why is every TV channel airing this?
I’ve never seen anything like this. Legitimately, what the fuck? Communist dictatorship maintaining control.

So, do you think whatever their agenda was with making Trump president backfired? No. I do not think so. Think everything is going according to plan. Yeah, it all was leading up to this very moment. To further the anti-white, domestic terrorist sentiments. This is “America Does Bolshivism”, or “Trotsky on Broadway”.

“Political theatre” used to be a derisive term and now there’s a “Congressional hearing” being broadcast in prime time, produced by a Hollywood )ew. If you still haven’t figured out what’s about to happen, then may God help you.

The rest of you: are you really ready for this upcoming revolt? Are you ready for the bloodiest civil war in America, where you will witness horrors beyond your imagination that will break you?

We have suffered through Fauci’s fake pandemic hoax, mask and vaccine mandates, suffered through a dementia ridden, venal houseplant of a president, suffered through Communists actively trying to ban firearms in direct violation of the constitution, suffered through social media actively screening and silencing conservative points of views, suffered through the constant pushing of LGBT shit on kids and still, no one has done anything about it!

We watched an entire summer of Burn, Loot, Murder, while our leaders took a knee, and these videos of the January 6 tour ofthe nation’s capital is somehow supposed to be disturbing?

I’m not a supporter of this nonsense, as it couldn’t accomplish anything, but it also disproves any notion that this was an “insurrection”. This whole thing is a farcical waste of resources and I have a feeling it backfire. Again, in the face of the violence that was celebrated for 6 months, January 6th looked like a church ice cream social. Still, no one is going to stop the Communists!

I am in a hotel right now and I am running the shower at full blast just to waste water and make the room nice and steamy. I will do this for a few more hours.

As I’ve said before, America has already fallen!