Not really, but it is what the elites want us to think as a solution. They want us to see what they are going to spring on us as the solution. As the only solution.

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The solution involves a complete financial reset and destruction of the “old” financial system with some type of CBDC.

The Great Reset

I suspect that various groups have already gotten a whiff of this stench, hence the weird macroeconomic issues involving food, gas, energy, etc. These Elites are of the mind that if they position themselves to control the money, they can control it for the next 100-200 years of human existence and development. Society is and has always been in a state of civil war—people wanting to rule over each other. At some point, we eventually call some kind of truce around a certain set of ideas such as, “we will devise a system where we will elect a leader every 4 years”. Then, over time that system begins to fall apart, because a certain number of people no longer believe in it, then a civil war begins to brew again. This is exactly what is taking place today, which leads us directly back to the machinations of the WEF, Bilderbergs, or a global Communist dictatorship. All of which is essentially the Continuity of Government and the economy. Governments (this time a One World Government) are seeking to maintain control and dominance by devising and superimposing a new system—an economic system of which the entire political structure is built.

When people truly start feeling the hurt of inflation and they cannot buy things they need to sustain themselves and their families, there is going to be severe and unprecedented political turmoil.

Wait, there’s more!

We have to discuss money! Money is fundamentally for and about resource allocation. There is a lot of money that disappears into convoluted black boxes instead of back into the economy. No one understands, nor cares to understand any of this. Not even I do, but I have given it some thought and I’ll try my best to share what I’ve figured out. You see, most of us (myself included) would say, “this is )ewed beyond belief”, and we are certainly not far off, because a lot of bloat and unnecessary middle-men are involved and need to be cut out, and financial resets do just that. However, a free market is what is necessary, but even the freest market is not free of bad actors such as )ews and the government.

Of course, I could be wrong, and maybe WEF/Davos really did reach James Bond-villain levels of insane and really do want some sort of Commie-feudalism, eat ze bugs, depopulation and collapse of the west, etc. After all, like all think-tank groups they are opportunists and run by )ews and I’m not sure how far their power really goes. Yet. In any case, were the latter to be true, it’ll require a mass rollout of robots and automation and UBI plans would have to be in place.

They know very well what they are doing. All of this is engineered. All of this is done to preserve the status control. All of this is to preserve the machine of make-believe.

There is no Authority. Only Belief in Authority.

What people need to realize is that money, like governments, is literally a scam. Money creation and interests are a scam so simple that most people’s brains REFUSE to admit it. 90% of people REFUSE to admit that money is created through loans only and by commercial banks. They REFUSE to understand that when money is createdand interest is charged on it, only the principal is created and not the interest.

They REFUSE to understand that there is MORE MONEY OWED than MONEY IN CIRCULATION and that bankruptcy is built into the system.

People were almost awakened in 2008 when the housing market crashed, because in 2008 and for a few years after, people began to take a real interest in economics, what money is and how it is created. Those movements were shut down and shut down really fast! Social turmoil was then engineered, the likes of which history has never seen. Today, I believe more people are brainwashed and have been put back into the matrix. They fight on petty issues like genders, LGBTQ+++, vax, masks, cops, race, abortion and every petty little thing in comparison under the sun. Their brains are kept busy with mass media propaganda, entertainment, news; just about everything to distract them from the root causes of all issues in modern society.

Women<>money<>)ews<>money<>Government. They are all very, very, closely connected and have one thing in common. Again, money is just a peaceful means of acquiring resources.

If you want to be “redpilled” and break from NPC status, there are only 5 documentaries you need to watch. They will only take one day to watch.

Money as Debt
Shock Theory
Zeitgeist 1, 2 & 3

You will then come to understand what is referred to as “the elite” and what community most of the elite come from. Then, finally, you will understand that some people were right all along.

The 1908 recession was engineered by JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller and friends and it led the the creation of the Federal Reserve.

The Great Depression was engineered by the Federal Reserve.

They banned precious metal ownership in 1933 and confiscated gold.

I am pointing this out for those who do not want to accept that all of this is done on purpose. The 2008 stock market crash was engineered during the Clinton administration; it was done on purpose. This does not mean that the person signing the policy isn’t retarded, though. Probably most of the time he does not realize what he’s signing, nor comprehends the consequences. However, all of this is always done with a few objectives—Continuity of Government and Economic Control—profit.

They do not have any intention of stopping inflation. Inflation is their most useful tool. It nukes the middle class, makes the poor completely dependent on gibs, and doesn’t really affect the mega rich that own real assets. So, it might very well be that the debt crisis will manifest and we’ll just slide into Venezuela mode.