Humdalalallah. Alahu Akhbar. Bitcoin has just dropped below $27,000 habibi!!!

BTC is a crock of shit that only morons get into just to make themselves feel as though they’re in something special.

Today, BTC has extended losses, now at $23,850, down over 13%, its lowest price range since December 2020. Ethereum and other major altcoins are also trading deep in the red zone.

As a matter of fact, the entire global cryptocurrency market cap has dropped below $1 trillion.

Bitcoin is in free fall and now trading below $24,000. It was only a matter of time. I’ll do a write up on the stupidity of BTC, Crypto and NFTs at a later date. I promise.

I hope you snagged guns and ammunition while you still can/could.

Being prepared and stocked up is good thing, regardless of the welfare of the planet. Having extra stored away food in case you lose your job or if the supply chain further shits itself isn’t a bad thing. Gardening is a useful hobby that everyone should enjoy.

Owning a means of self defense is great, regardless of the circumstances. Having emergency preparedness kits or bug out bags are great, too.What happens if your car breaks down in the middle of nowher? Having a kit with some extra food/water and the means to change a tire or fix your car is life saving.

Emergency preparedness isn’t predicated only on world ending events, but a lifestyle.
Emergency preparedness helps keep you alive and safe in EVERYDAY types of emergencies. Hoarding BTC won’t do this.

Do you have a first aid kit? Do you have tourniquets? Do you have a car kit? Do you have backup batteries?

No? You spent it all on BTC, because you plan on buying thy dip? Okay.

Good luck.