As you fiddle around doing whatever it is you do, the markets are taking severe and alarming downturns.

A US 10-year yield surges to 3.35%, highest since 2011, indicating a potential debt market meltdown.

At this point in the game, none of it should come as a surprise to any of us, because we expected it and have been discussing it over 2 years now. However, even though I suspected what it is I am about to share with you to be the case, it still sends shivers down my spine. Ladies and maginas, I introduce to you, Aladdin.

Yes, folks. Aladdin (Asset, Liability and Debt and Derivative Investment Network) is an electronic system built by BlackRock Solutions, the risk management division of the largest investment management corporation, BlackRock, Inc. In 2013, it handled about $11 trillion in assets (including BlackRock’s $4.1 trillion assets), which was about 7% of the world’s financial assets, and kept track of about 30,000 investment portfolios. As of 2020, Aladdin managed $21.6 trillion in assets.

If you’re wondering why this is such a hair-raising thing for me, it is because last year, I binge watched a miniseries titled, The Fear Index, starring Josh Hartnett. The plot of the show is essentially detailing how an AI controls financial markets, created by a )ew. Now, I am sure many of you will say there are many movies like that out there and you will be right, I’m sure, but this one, to me at least, is literally telling us how they did it and do it. It is predictive programming at its finest. I encourage you all to watch it.

The )ews have taken over, entirely, and their market-exiting scheme has become extremely advance!