There has been an upswing of men in the manosphere portraying marriage as some sort of mitigable risk that is perfectly okay to sign into as long as a man does A, B, C or a combination of the three. Were you to speak to the average man today about women and marriage, he would most likely promote marriage as a good thing men should opt into, just as long as a man “knows what to look for”, or “picks the right woman” or some other nonsense.

I watched the Kino Casino segment on Nick Fuentes last night and while I do agree with both PPP’s and Andy Warsky’s take on Nick being a closet homosexual, their entire outlook and perspective on marriage and the male-female dynamic is terribly rudimentary, nonobjective and extremely gynocentric, to say the least. First of all, MGTOW philosophy is for Alpha males—men who have dealt with women all their lives and didn’t have to make an effort to attract them as the average man has to. It is for men like myself and not the common, bitter beta male, simping faggots that the philosophy unfortunately attracts. It is not for the men who destroy and sullen the philosophy with their angry beta-maxing and stupidity. MGTOW philosophy CAN BE useful to these freaks, but they are just too fucking stupid to put it to any real use. They are too hung up on edgy and the shock value, instead of understanding themselves and comprehending why women affect them so much.

With that being said, look at PPP. He has to sing for his supper, so his takes on men and women will always be that of a simp. The same goes for Warsky, the loudmouth ectomorph feigning masculinity.

Nick Fuentes is indeed a stupid child. He is definitely mildly retarded and much of what he says is retarded Zoomer nonsense born out of arrested development and being socially awkward. However, I can still understand where he is coming from regarding women, even though much of what he says is contradictory and totally fucking retarded. For instance, he says, “having sex with women is gay”. What?!? What a fucking retard.

The problem with Nick is he is a virgin and no, I do not mean the only way he can know anything, especially about women, is through having had access to a woman’s vagina. I mean it in the way a former Christian who is now an Atheist has the best stories to tell about his deconversion. A conservative who was once a liberal; a Socialist turned Anarcho Capitalist. Sure, it is cool you do not have to put your hand in fire to know it’ll burn you, but it is so much better coming from a person who has walked through the flames and survived to tell the story. Still, this isn’t saying that a man’s only reason for looking at women the way Nick and I do is solely because of some emotional scarring or psychological impairment. Rather, Nick’s takes on women would be a lot more palpable if he actually had to beat women off him daily, which I am sure is the case now that he is famous, which is why I am almost certain he is gay. A cringe, retarded faggot.

Aside from the fact that he was caught watching tranny-porn and engaging in some seriously immature and questionable behavior and activities, even myself, a person who avidly speaks out about women the way I do, is indeed still attracted to women. Women are incredibly beautiful and not even I can renounce my sexual attraction to them.

Controlling it is another thing, which I have indeed mastered, but I cannot renounce it the way NF does. “Having sex with women is gay”??? Yeah, that’s a faggot!

Something isn’t right with that kid. He is a real life trope and glownigger meme of, “MGTOW promotes homosexuality”, which it DOES NOT! Nick is evidence that MGTOW philosophy is an Alpha Male philosophy and vocation. Still, I can understand where he is coming from with women in certain and specific things, but he is too suspect. Be that the case, the Kino Casino is still dead wrong about marriage.

That men will actually defend western marriage as it is today, is truly alarming! Men regurgitating this disingenuous, poisonous flatulence the gynotopia has brainwashed them into, today, that they pass off as “advice”, typifies a deep-seated need to uphold a system and institution that is inherently gynocentric. The institution of marriage is itself, in its present form, a gynocracy that benefits women, foremost and prioritizes the interests and welfare of women above all other things. It is, by definition, welfare.

The only positive thing that can be pointed out about men entering these legally binding contracts of welfare is that they are doing so voluntarily. At least for the time being. In contrast to the feminist female welfare imperatives, the role men take on in a marriage—a welfare dispenser—is a symbiotic relationship. A relationship of organically mediated cooperation that most men will refer to as traditionalism, but it just so happens that it carries with it, the female’s obsession with extending the welfare net via government force and interventionism, long past the realms of wedlock, going into and continuing long after divorce.

This highlights the ability of gynocentrism to permeate the substrate of an entire culture and manifest itself in various spheres of human endeavor. It attempts to appear as an effective self-propelling process; deriving its energy and inertia from what propels it; the motion of its propulsion in opposition to what is actually powering it. Take a primitive tribesman from anywhere in the world; one that has never seen an airplane, and were you to ask him what makes this device taxi across a runway or what keeps it suspended in the air; having absolutely no knowledge of the internal combustion that powers the plane, nor of the controlled explosions of hydrocarbons occurring in the engine, he would of course, point to the propeller and say the propeller moves the plane. Female nature is the propeller and traditionalism, the aileron of the plane. They facilitate movement of the plane by making flight more facile, but the engine powers the whole process. Steam and water do not provide nuclear power. Nuclear fission does. Gynocentrism is the engine. Let that sink in, then close the door.

Once you’ve comprehended this, the next question to ask is, what is the fuel supply? What does this engine run on? Well, the answer is quite simple—it runs on us. Men and women are the fuel and we are as unconscious of this as burning propane is to its own consumption. You see we enforce gynocentrism automatically. Gynocentrism is a completely organic process that is infused within the bio-psycho-sexual makeup of both the human male and female. It is not unjust laws, but is as inveterate and default as shutting off your mind after a long day of office drudgery, and heading straight home, forgetting that you had to go to the DMV. We are not conscious of it. That is what gynocentrism is and it is not some monolithic descendent of gynocentrism that we have identified as “Feminism”, but a “defaultive” unconscious human behavior. This is the instinctive programming of most men and women out there. Especially men like PPP and Warsky who dole out terrible, advice to men about women and marriage. These guys never make it to the DMV!

End of Part I