The former )ew Treasury Secretary in the Bill Clinton regime has strangely come out and blamed inflation on the events of January 6th, 2021. He even tweeted about it.

Summers, back in 2021, predicted that there would be inflation which anybody who wasn’t a complete retard knew would happen, back in 2020, when gazillions of dollars were pumped into the economy, because of the shutdowns stemming from the hoax pandemic. So, based on this prediction, the media has been hyping him as some sort of contrary voice even though he’s just another financial )ew criminal. That’s because during that time, )ews like Janet Yellen who currently runs the Treasury, were falsely claiming that inflation was non-existent, transient or some other rubbish. They did this in order to not cause panicking in the markets which their financial AI, Aladdin controls and manipulates.

Linking the events of January 6th, 2021 to inflation is obviously completely ridiculous. There is zero connection between the two. If you dump gazillions of dollars into the economy, you are effectively devaluing the currency, because there is more currency chasing the same goods and services. It is as simple as that. People protesting a fraudulent election and entering a building after being let in by cops has nothing to do with economics, the money supply or the rate of inflation.

Clearly, Summers was told to push this narrative, because the Democrats are trying to make a big deal out of these circus January 6 hearings that nobody cares about. It is an utterly stupid and foolish narrative that makes no sense. Only a retarded dumbass would believe this bullshit. Then again, none of it has to make sense. It is Communism after all and all that is needed is a precedent that will act as justifications for future actions.