When you figure out the truth, you get depressed a little bit. When you’ve known the truth all along and people shunned you for speaking the truth, you just become fatigued. Then when the same retards who shunned you back then begin to speak the truth to you now as if it’s some brand new revelation, you just want to fucking choke the life out of them.

Here is an NIH.gov article admitting that the covid 19 hoax was indeed a hoax.

Still, no one will be held accountable for any of it. Just like the false Iraq WMD hoax played on the American people in 2001 by Israel. I do not remember anyone being held accountable for invading Iraq under false pretenses.

Sorry goyim. We ruined your economies for the next 20 years .

You guys should go ahead and share this with whomever you’ve interacted with over the years, just to see how they react. I have Harvard and Yale medical doctor siblings in my family who are absolutely fucking blind to this hoax. They are so fucking blind to anything, but propaganda. It is scary how effective the )ews are at brainwashing them, so for me, this is going to be fascinating. The way I see it, if they do not trust this article, then Fauci sure as shit cannot be trusted, either. I am going to encourage them to look into Blaylock to see who he works for and the Surgical Neurology International who published the article. I’m almost certain they know who he is and the organization he is from. This juxtaposition is going to be rich!

One of my siblings works with Harvard Medical and is in continuous, unavoidable contact with Fauci’s department. I cannot wait!