It is amazing that anyone can claim that economy is doing fine. Believe it or not, but the White House is claiming an ‘economic boom’ even while the stock markets collapse. What exactly do they mean by “boom”?

The lies coming out of the Biden regime are truly astounding. They are claiming we are in the midst of a historic economic boom when the opposite is so obvious. They are literally saying this as we have out of control inflation, record high gas prices and a stock market that is collapsing. Do they think we can’t see what’s going on; do they think we are stupid? Yes, they do, folks.

The Biden regime doesn’t even have anybody competent to push these lies. Say what you want about Jen Psaki, but she was definitely their best asset. Her leaving has been a major blow to their propaganda efforts as she was very good at pushing all of these insane lies. This homosexual black woman they have promoting their lies is nowhere near as good. In fact, she’s quite terrible at it.

Take that clip of Peter Doocy asking her about the stock market crash, for example. Then, this one on the baby formula shortage.

She just makes up stuff as she goes along.

The stock market has lost all of its gains since Biden was installed as the resident ZOG puppet.

At this point, you should fully expect the economy to get worse. These people have zero interest in fixing anything and every interest in exacerbating the existing problems. At the same time, they have no issue lying to you about the reality of what is happening.