The United Kingdom is experiencing a rapid rise in gasoline theft as prices for fuel become increasingly unaffordable.

I predicted last year that this would occur; that there will be lots of lines, conflicts, theft and violence over gasoline.

This situation was entirely caused by the British government and the policies of Boris Johnson. They did not have to close down their economy over a fake pandemic and they did not need to implement sanctions on Russia over the situation in Ukraine. This will be the exact same, constant narrative for all nations around the world, because they were all in lockstep with the covid hoax lockdowns, except for a few.

Now people can’t afford gas, so they’re just stealing it. The more unaffordable gas gets, the more thefts will occur.

Everything is just unraveling across the West. None of this is sustainable.

Lots of violent crimes are heading our way, because the agenda is to destabilize and destroy the western economies and to create pandemonium similar to the middle east.