People just don’t comprehend how much the )ew has taken over our nation and our planet. Admittedly, not even I comprehend it fully, even though I know they literally control literally every fucking thing and are behind everything sinister, yet I am reminded every so often and shocked each time.

This is why they ()ews) are killing the food supply. Specifically meats. Beef, pork, eggs, chicken are to be no more. I am not joking.

)ews making food for humans and animals in the same factory. Eat the bugs goy, you are cattle.

Canada has 38 million people. They will need about 4.8 billion pounds of crickets a year to satisfy their protein needs. This facility will supply less than 1/300 of Canada’s protein needs, which are less than 1/10 of America’s. Are the bugs actually sustainable? Do they plan to make thousands of these facilities? You can be on it!

I know what you brainies are thinking. “I wonder if they will Tweet about it when the worlds largest cricket factory goes bankrupt?” Not so fast. These people aren’t planning on doing some sort of marketing campaign. They are just going to be adding this stuff to the foods we consume regularly, like peanut butter.

Once again, this is a Feminine construct and ideation, born out of not comprehending how the world works. The female mind inherent to this madness wants to save the animals from “brutality” and “inhumane” death. The animals, like women must never ever die! Crickets are okay, but not these big animals. Aside from the female mind being totally irrational, retarded and not comprehending food chains, food webs, tradeoffs and generally how reality works, women do not eat meat as much as men do, if at all. They do not need it. If a man does not eat meat, he will become weak, thin and frail, like a woman. Such feminine people are easy to manage. )ews are fully aware of this and without their favorite morons—women and The Feminine—they can never be successful.

We’re dealing with the Feminine mind, so none of this has to make any sense and it never does make sense. It is always going to be dichotomous, duplicitous, hypocritical and laden with double standards. It would be an absolute shame if those crazy “Animal Rights” jackasses found out about these bug factories. They should liberate them at once, right? You have to care for all little creatures, right? Yeah, right. When have you known any woman or anything Feminine to be remotely rational and consistent? We are dealing with The Feminine, ladies and manginas. We are dealing with Communism!

The )ew’s main engine is Women and The Feminine. This is essentially what Tikun Olam is all about and I assure you )ews are behind the “Eat Ze Bugz” campaign as much as women are.

There will be nothing, but crickets in the media when that happens.

Joke. Come on, a little levity here?

This is not a conspiracy theory, but conspiracy realism. It is a fact. )ews are openly behind “goyim must eat ze bugz” and they own multiple cricket farms in Ohio and many other places, too. This is not a future that I want for my children. We must remove the )ew or get these stupid cunts they rely on—women—in line. Which do you think is easier?

The chart is misleading, because it references dried crickets in comparison to stewed chicken, with extra additives (probably not just breast either).

The nutrition is best taken in context of ratios and the crickets have about half of their calories from fat and half from protein. Chicken breast is close to 85% calories from protein and the rest from fat.

It is entirely a choice if one chooses to make a stew or a sandwich or whatever, then adjust for macros. The base crickets get rid of that choice by forcing you to eat all the fat and calories right in the meat. This balances horribly with traditional dishes, because you’ll have too many calories and too much fat. You’re pretty much limited to crickets with a side of starch, if you want a balanced meal, and it is still not as nutritious as the chicken.

Bugs being a healthy source of protein is a total meme, and that’s before even getting into the value of micronutrients. You get the same macros from 90/10 ground beef, and it lends itself to all sorts of reasonable meals.


About half of the human population has a bug allergies. Bugs are not food. They are pests to be destroyed.

So, what’s the point of this bullshit? Is it just to demean and degrade humanity?

Imagine having all the money and power in the world and it still isn’t enough. No. You have to humiliate the entire world, all those poor folks who are just trying to live quiet, honest and peaceful lives. You obsess over the idea of making them eat insects, because it is naturally repulsive to humans. You start organizing all their food plants to be burned down, so you can force them to eat a bowl of insects for dinner, all while cackling and tugging your half-flacid 4 inch penis as you pret on their little children.