Do you did remember these articles I wrote a few days ago? Here they are Go read them! Sister Article.

In that article, I specifically said:

The solution involves a complete financial reset and destruction of the “old” financial system with some type of CBDC.

In other articles, I predicted this would happen. Here check them yourselves. Here and here.

This decade will mark the transition to a new digital and automated age where CBDCs are rolled out to complement the introduction of social credit scores for every citizen.

I genuinely believe what is being done at the moment is that they are buying time while they continue to setup the infrastructure for CBDCs.

Cash will be phased out. CBDCs will track and monitor all of your spending activity. You will be punished if your spending exceeds the verified emissions threshold for climate change.

…along with the release of CBDCs is crucial for the next crisis which will be climate change.

This data is going to be linked to your vax pass, which is going to be linked to your CBDC UBI credit app.

Well, if you have not yet comprehended what is taking, I’ll keep this short for you: The Great Reset Is Happening, Now!

Naturally, retards are calling me a glowie and referring to my blog as a Fed and CIA blog front. Neither of these accusations are grounded in truth, nor reality. I am just not a complete fucking idiot, who is unable to think outside of the box, like most of these people.

I happen to think like the elites do and there is a reason why, which I will gladly disclose in the near future as things unfurl in their predicted fashion.

You heard him. Federal Reserve Chair Powell: “Rapid changes are taking place in the global monetary system that may affect the international role of the dollar. A US central bank digital currency (CBDC) is being examined to “help the US dollar’s international standing.”

Fed servers will be coming online in February 2023, guys.

We all must suffer severely, first, before they can offer us their help and solutions. Climate Change hoax, more virus hoaxes, existential threats and then UBI!

We must stand now and stop them! We have the power to!