What in the actual fuck is going on! They just won’t quit, these )ews. They now have a bunch of idiots who spent their day marching in US cities demanding gun control. They’re Mormon, too.

These people are zombies. They just blindly support whatever “current thing” is in the media. Like women. Whatever is popular, women will continue grift, gravitate and cowtow to. Having a television in your home is like having )ew in your living room.

It is pretty much guaranteed that these same people marching for gun control support arming Ukraine, mass COVID vaccinations, murdering unborn babies and homosexual/tranny pride. These were previous “current things.” Although, I guess you could argue there is some overlap between all of these “current things”, because the media narratives have been very chaotic as of late.

Gun control has been pushed to the forefront after a series of weird mass shooting incidents occurred. Some of these more prominent events like the Buffalo grocery store shooting and Texas school shooting had all sorts of strange things surrounding them. They’re nothing but excuses to make normal WHITE people defenseless from the mobs of colored hordes who the media has purposefully riled up with lies and other insanity.

It’s stuff like this that grinds my shit. These people support everything this evil system pushes.