Vladimir Putin in recent public remarks accurately stated that the unipolar world centered around the economic and military power of the United States is not coming back.

This is probably one of the most important stories you’re not going to hear about from the )ewish MSM. World history is changing.
The Post Cold War era and its geopolitical system is over. Almost 20 years of a faux Pax Americana is over. The US is no longer a Hyper Power.

I am very, very, very, serious

I specifically wrote about this right here in this article and I earnestly urge all of you to go read it, because you will fully comprehend what is truly going on in our world. Please!

Putin is saying (with evidence to support his claims) that the US and its vassal states—the EU, the Anglosphere and other allies—are no longer the sole powers in the world. Russia and China and their allies, now have as much, if not more, influence in some aspects of geopolitics and trade (commodities, supply chains, etc. He also said there could be populist revolutions in these countries, such as the likes of which we’ve seen, but have mostly been suppressed. The US and that the rest of the western world are about to go through some major changes, soon.

We are at an inflection point in world history and shit is about to change really fast. This rapid change is going to be extremely bloody. Just wait until China starts asserting herself militarily in Taiwan, for example. Communism did not stop with the end of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin wall, like so many retarded boomer neoconservatives believed and still want others to believe.

I am sorry to say it, but Putin is 100% correct. I have said this many times in many articles recently, that Communism—)ews—have fully taken over and they are finished raping America. Now, Israel becomes the new world super power.

The world is no longer going to be dominated by the )ews who have controlled the power levers in Washington DC through their subversive influence. They are destroying the economies of the countries that provided them power and sustenance (like women do to men) and now they are going to concentrate their wealth in Israel and Israel 2.0, while provoking conflicts elsewhere, to swing the pendulum of power in their direction.

The Jewish project for a world government or New World Order is complete.