In my recent article about the )ews, I said, they have won and I was not joking.

Listen folks. I am sorry to break to you, my fellowman, but America is over. America fell on January 6th, 2021 and the dust is settled. Now that it has, what can be seen is a desolate wasteland of friction, turmoil and chaos that )ews have left. In my article written last August, I detailed how things were going to unfold and I have 100% correct. With Putin’s announcement on Friday, Perestroika—The Great Reset—has taken off.

)ews are finished with America. They have sucked her dry of every last drop. $3Tn in retirement funds have disappeared and the )ews are now setting up Israel 2.0 in Ukraine. They have already picked out the linens and drapes and are awaiting the final renovations to be complete. The Ukrainian war is just the last dagger straight into the heart of America, where the young useful, ZOGbot, idiotic young men of America are to be used as cannon fodder in another proxy psyop op war against Russia. It was the plan all along.

As I also rightly predicted, Israel is setting up herself nicely with her new “neighbors”, China and when the smoke clears from the psyop op war with Russia, Israel will be graciously welcomed by her other neighbor.

So, why is Israel doing all of this? Because it is just what )ews do, yes. They are parasites, yes, but in the more geopolitical sense, Israel has absolutely no natural resources. At least, not any worth talking about. But, Ukraine does! Ukraine as I’ve written recently, is the bread basket of Europe.

Yes, and every other nation is in on it, too. This includes Iran. Oh? You didn’t know? Iran only pretends to hate Israel. This I will explain in due time as major world changing events unfold.

In the mean time.

Things are heating up on the world stage. As we get ready for the first black pope, America, believe it or not, is a sitting duck trying to hold on to whatever semblance of stability she may have and trying to be as convincing as possible about it. My heart aches, because from hereon out, chaos will be commonplace in the west.

Farewell America.