Not surprisingly, the airline system in the United States is in chaos. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttplug is angry about the chaos and demanding that airliners do something to fix all the flight cancellations and other problems the system is experiencing. If they don’t do these things, he is threatening government intervention.

The reason there is all this chaos is because the government imposed mask mandates, and COVID-19 vaxx requirements on pilots and employees of the airlines. Many pilots retired or quit, because they didn’t want to take the deadly shots. Also, many employees who supported airliner operations quit their jobs over these ridiculous requirements as well.

You also had the government imposed lockdowns which stopped the flow of passengers and caused all sorts of financial and operational problems for the airliners.

Secretary Buttplug was a big advocate of these policies which directly created the staffing issues they have now. Now, he wants the airliners to fix them? Give me a break.

Look, I’m no fan of the airliners. They pretty much all suck and offer shitty service, but the government enacted policies to make their service even worse. Now the government is threatening more government intervention after their original intervention caused the problems they are whining about and airlines went along with the bullshit.

Terrifying time to fly.