It is time to awake and do something. If the USA becomes a country without weapons, Whites are doomed. This will reflect on other countries around the world and Whites will be wiped off the face of the planet.

Any domestic abuse accusation, arrest, or conviction will prohibit you from gun ownership.

“Believe All Women” bullshit is written into this. This is a blatant violation of habeas corpus. You only have to be ACCUSED of domestic abuse? They can’t be serious. There is no chance this holds up. Right? Just wait and see. You think women are die hard supporting this shit now? Watch their support escalates.

Get in a fight or a verbal argument with stupid woman/wet hole you are seeing (or not), she calls police and “accuses” you of domestic abuse. The police comes and lock you up, take your guns and potential to own guns in the future. You’ll never able to purchase a gun again, ever. Imagine you’re 20 when this happens and you turn 57, and that was the only interaction you had with cops your entire life; no guns just because of that one time. Then a criminig with gun robs you and kills you for fun with gun.
Land of the free, home of the brave.

Oh say, can you see!

I hereby officially accuse all secret service members and professional bodyguards of domestic abuse.

Let’s see how quickly all this shit accepted by the Supreme Court.

For the time being the NRA has this to say.

These are the purple “red flag laws” would empower to decide if you’re same enough to have rights.

As a reminder to you Trumpanzee morons, even Trump openly supported red flag laws.

All of this is bad. The recent shootings are just warmups. The event is coming. Their cattle are already asking for their gun rights to be taken away. They will be demanding it shortly. More coincidences are soon to come.