Imagine believing and thinking that politicians are on your side. That’s how dumb the average American, in 2022, is.

They’re coming for our guns. What are we going to do about it?

You can argue that all this bill does is make it illegal to strawman purchase guns for felons, which is already illegal, but it is a foreshadowing of the government becoming more and more tyrannical. The bill itself is retarded, but its retardation is to cause more violence and conflict among the populace that will serve to create more reasons for gun bans. It will never stop.

Must people believe SCOTUS will shut it down, but these pieces of shit do not contemplate the constitution when passing these bills. They do not consider “shall not be infringed”, because they do not care about it, because it does not mean anything! What matters is ACTION. Never make believe words. The beauty of the 2nd amendment is that it triggers when it is directly threatened.

The bill also gives money to states if they want to implement “red flag laws”. Every other law is already a law, so it’s double laws, now.

The FBI is slated to get $100,000,000,too.

Oh, you thought you mattered?