The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade and have returned decision making on abortion laws—enforcing women’s desires to commit murder—to individual states.

Alito said, “The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.”

Here’s a link to the full, entire text of the ruling.

Most of you are already aware of the big news, but I cannot spare the preambles, because what is taking place is of great importance. Since the Supreme Court ruling, DC police have been mobilized into full mobilization and the Communist in Chief, Biden, claims the US Supreme Court “took away a constitutional right” today. A Constitutional right to commit murder.

I know. Unbelievable!

We are at a pivotal moment in this country’s history—its decline and fall—and having to undo what Boomers have done isn’t going to be easy. I do not see anything much coming out of this other than more chaos and destabilization. This isn’t going to recover birth rates with the rapidity it truly needs, and many will argue that it is a good start, but it is way too late!

Women are merely seeking to enforce their feelings as law and on this hangs ALL manner of corruption and tyranny. Cops enforce feelings as law, mayors, public servants, judges and other governement officials, do it too and have always done so. It is all Feminine constructs of emotionalism. Boomers—WASP faggots and manginas—deferred to Jews in all things and thought it a good idea to allow women to vote and be in public life and it has been downhill from then.


White culture is gynocentrism and this “overturning” does not begin to address the real issues this nation and the white race faces. The ruling will only contribute to the shutting down of the nation, further, and serves to reinstill and reinvigorate trust in a false, tyrannical system.

Vote Harder!

The truth is, this didn’t ban abortion at all. It just gave it to the states to decide, which will bring billions into the election coffers of ZOG for the elections coming up, then go back to business as usual in January. Abortion being part of )ewish custom and religious tradition, now being decided by states, will create a black market and may cause migrations. In the meantime, it’ll be tied up in local courts, and not a single abortion will go unperformed, but there will be some sensationalist media sad stories about some fake person whose life was ruined by “patriarchy”.

What’s more, this will continue on as a distraction from gun seizures. As I’ve always mentioned, women are agents of chaos and women’s “issues” are merely distractions. For instance, the US Congress has passed the compromise gun control bill, sending the legislation to Biden’s desk. An executive order is in the works.

So far, 14 Republicans voted in favor together with all Democrats:

Liz Cheney
Adam Kinzinger
Tom Rice
John Katko
Maria Salazar
Chris Jacobs
Brian Fitzpatrick
Peter Meijer
Fred Upton
Steve Chabot
Mike Turner
David Joyce
Anthony Gonzalez

In addition, an American Holodomor is getting underway, as well as an engineered energy crisis, and we need to be preparing.

All I ask if you readers is to stay with me and allow me to be your guide through these sick and twisted times.