These sluts sure are mad about Roe v. Wade being overturned. They’re out in the streets with faggots and other Marxist groups rioting all over the country.

We must never forget how dumb women truly are. This is the crux of it all. Women are attempting to enforce their feelings—their stupidity—as law. All women believe their feelings to be truth, facts and reality and this mental limitation is exactly what makes them absolutely fucking retarded. Remember, folks, Jane Roe LIED!

The funniest thing about this is that most of these cunts rioting is happening in Democrat-controlled cities and states where nothing will happen to abortion as a result of the decision.

There’s all sorts of stuff being posted on social media.

I would expect this to continue tonight and throughout much of the weekend. How long they can keep this up is anybody’s best guess.

These people are obviously unhinged. Imagine being so angry over the ability to murder babies being partially restricted. Half the states in the country will still allow the evil practice, so any whore who really wants an abortion can still get one. You even have corporations promising to pay the travel expenses of any of their slut employees who wants one.

The Communists are going to try to use this ruling as a way to energize people to support them in the midterms. They’re going to promise to pass legislation to legalize abortion etc., but that’s not going to be politically viable. If it was, they would have done this a long time ago.

I think these riots will eventually run into the suburbs and rural America. Many of the Communists online have begun to make threats directed at “Christians who live in rural areas”. Their plan is to send Communist revolutionists into the rural parts of America, because they are of the opinion that the overturning of Roe v. Wade is a Christian imposition and these Christians live outside of the cities. The counter perspective to this is the common trope embraced by Christians that the planned violence against them are being perpetrated by Atheists. Many Christians incorrectly believe that the October Revolution that led to the Soviet takeover of Russia and other Communist revolutions in countries such as China, was led by “Atheist )ews”, placing focus on “Atheism” and a lack of belief in their )ewish space-daddy zombie, as the main reason why immoral and heinous acts were committed. Aside from the fact that Christians are retards, the powers that be—)ews—are using this conflict of ideology to foment division and unrest between the baby killers and the retarded Christians. Both sides are too stupid to see how they are being played against each other.

They have also decided to hunt Justice Clarence Thomas down, too.

Remember, folks, all of this is to destabilize the US further and isn’t a victory as many on the Right are claiming. As I have predicted and forewarned many times in past articles, this is only going to make violence and insurrections in America more and more commonplace.

Summer has barely started and it is heating up. It is gearing up to be a long, tumultuous and chaotic one. What we all need to be focusing on right now is, securing food supplies, energy supplies such as generators and guns. Not necessarily in that order, but you get what I mean.

AOC has been inciting riots in an attempt to get women’s feelings enforced as law. There is no Law Enforcement in this country. Only Feelings Enforcement.

Climate Change hoax lockdowns are getting underway.