Remember when I told you readers that literally everything in life, society and the world that you see to be retarded, stupid, ridiculous, insane, duplicitous, dichotomous, crazy, outrageous and outlandish, is as a result of The Feminine and Female Values?

Remember me saying that women and Female values are behind the covid hoax, the climate change hoax, the vaccine and mask mandates, Net Zero, gun bans, censorship and violations of the First Amendment, fake and gay “peaceful protests”, destruction of education, Healthcare, politics, the family, the home and just about anything that once contributed to the superlative standards of living that we once knew and valued?

Well, this fact of human life and existence has reared its head.

What I discuss often, is virtually impossible for most to comprehend, far less, accept, because many have been brainwashed into believing that women actually have value outside of sex and incubation, and that it is okay to have them actively involved in public life. Many seem to think that women actually contribute somethings of value to society and they seem to have this belief, because they are unable to be real and objective about women.

I’ve tried ad nauseum to explain to many retards that )ews are merely using Feminine values to do the damage they do and they rely on their favorite morons—women—to get it done.

Go ahead! Read any of my articles about women. Read The Feminine and many other articles like it, where I explained this inescapable fact, thoroughly.

I’ll say it again: women are dumb, solipsistic, cretinous, creatures that destroy society and everything useful and constructive that men have built.

Today, they are claiming that the war in Ukraine is due to toxic masculinity, which is to imply that a woman leader would not go to war. I have explained the extent of this insanity where I pointed out that the objective is to ensure “there will be no more wars”. This is why women are being heavily pushed in the military and trannies as military leaders.

Look, we can talk about laws, the constitution, institutions and everything that comes to mind, but we would only be skimming the surface. At the very core is the male-female dynamics and what determines either side of the species and the fact that literally everything comes out of the two. There is absolutely nothing else that is extant, or that which acts independently of this dynamic. EVERYTHING boils down to Male and Female, Masculine and Feminine. One is constructive, while the other is destructive. This is an inescapable fact of human life and existence.

Only a shallow, ill-informed retard—a woman—or a male feminist would deny this. Women and Feminine values dominate the entire zeitgeist of the west and the west has been feminized for over 50 years, since WASP men deferred to )ews (a group of sadists who have thoroughly studied the male-female dynamic and have incorporated The Feminine into their identity and the way they interact with the world) in all things and allowed women to vote. Everything has been downhill since then.
Who promoted covid 19 hoax hysteria? WOMEN. Who promoted and demanded people wear masks in public and get the vaccines? WOMEN and their faggot mangina cohorts, too. Most people are totally disconnected from these facts and it is worth reiterating that everything we are, do, create, build, be it politics, religion, ideologies, institutions, concepts, cultures—virtually EVERTYHING—boils down to Male, or Female and can only come from the two.

Women promote censorship and Censorship is Feminine! They are anti-freedom and tyrannical. They do not belong on the internet and in public life. All women truly care about are appearances and putting themselves on display, so an implementation of a Social Credit Score system will be supported by them. The Feminine “Niceness Doctrine” is inherent to all of the madness that has taken place under the span of less than 50 years, since women were allowed into public life and the insanity will continue as long as gynocentrism is promoted.

The sooner we come to understand and accept that women and their retardation are responsible for most, if not all, the tyranny and insanity occurring today, from trannies, ‘Tranny Story Time’, lockdowns, mask-nagging, vax nagging, breaches and curtailing of Freedom of Speech, the gun ban, mass immigration, violent blacks running wild and terrorizing people, BLM and so on, the sooner we will be able to fix things. What has been going on in the west since women were allowed to vote, is women and their cosigners (Cops, judges, politicians) have been seeking to make women’s feelings Law. Police are NOT Law Enforcement, but FEELINGS Enforcement. I challenge anyone to tell me that we live in a Masculine society and world.