I explained to you guys before that this conflict between Russia and Ukraine is nothing more than a psyop that has several participants casting their lots and placing their bets on the outcome. However, the ultimate goal is to create Israel 2.0 and collapse the economies of the west.

All the nonsense and disinformation that you’re getting in the )ewish lamestream media and sadly, alternative media, about Russia, Ukraine and the position the US, China and others play, are distractions. On one side, there is a need to propagandize and stir up the emotions of women and their retarded followers to support the efforts and machinations of Ukraine, and on the other, there retards who are supposed to be in the know (alt-media), who are co-copted by intelligence agencies run by the 14 Eyes (sometimes referred to as the 5 Eyes), to spread propaganda about Russia being the good guys. They are all over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Cozy TV, Bitchute and so on. They are people like Alex Jones, Del Tree, Stew Peters and other loudmouth jackasses like them.

Now, based on the listed video, hopefully these people do as I do and calm the fuck down with the bullshit, superstitious cope and rhetoric and just watch how the psyop unfolds. Seriously, folks. I see all the stuff these guys are seeing and more and many of people email and text me asking me to write about it and give my perspectives, but that’s asking a lot! I mean there is just too much to talk about, constantly. So, what I have opted to do is just watch, observe, pay attention, until I see the distractions, disinformation and misinformation beginning to grow and take hold, then I strike.

For example, normies would have never thought the )ew, George Soros, was involved in the psyop. Maybe, but not much of it is being discussed in many circles. This goes to show you that all of it is a charade.

Smokescreens and mirrors!