The Highland Park Shooting suspect has been identified as
Robert “Bobby” E Crimo III.

What kind of schizo shoots up a family 4th of July parade? An absolute lunatic. Fed favorite.

So, the shooter was an emo fag turned Antifag, who pretends to be a Trump supporter at Trump rallies. His dad ran for mayor of Highland Park and owns a deli called Bob’s Pantry, which seems to be a cover. At the moment it is uncertain if he was indeed the mayor.

Crawling in my skinnnnnnnnn!!!!

His sister’s Explore Talent page has been taken down. Here is Lynette Pesina.

Mom and dad? Well…

At the time of writing, everything about the shooter and his family are being scrubbed from the internet.

Yes, folks, it’s the old MK Ultra sleeper cell, again. You people need to keep a closer eye on your kids. With inflation going haywire and other more important shit, the last thing we care about is some random fuckwit shooter, right? Seriously, though, this stuff is getting old. We get it. He’s another wound up retard who the glowies likely propped up to get the dumb normies scared of white people, and also to take guns away.

Isn’t it something that these shooters are always around the same age, it seems? All of the school shooters are going to be Zoomers, from here on. This means they’re more likely to be mixed race, Soundcloud rappers. It’s going to be funny to see what other Zoomer trends will emerge during these times. This one looks like he was some rapper wannabe, or something. He also looks like he has a rose tattoo on his neck. Those leftist faggots wear those rose symbols. You know the type of leftists that pave the way for the real commies who then get liquidated.

Is this his bedroom???

I’m waiting for the “manifesto”.


As mentioned earlier, the Feds and family members are scrubbing the internet. However, we denizens managed to find archive some footage of the shooter, including the “manifesto”.

There’s more. Here is an archive of his blogspot backup and Youtube channel. Get it quickly before it is scrubbed. The dumbass Zoomer was indeed an aspiring “rapper”.

The “manifesto”.

A retarded Zoomer!

Another FBI groomed schizoid. This is the Communist States of America. You cannot have just some random ‘nobody’ shooting up the place. They are going to call him a “right wing extremist”. Be not fooled. This isn’t a “deranged right winger”. It is Communist glow operation.

It appears to be that someone was attempting to reach out to those on the internet, ahead of the shooting, to let them know that this shooting glows hard!