I’ll never stop saying it: Women destroy society and are responsible for the collapse of the west. You can blame )ews all you want and you will be right, but you will still be making my point. Without women, the )ews could never be successful. Without Eve, the serpent is powerless.

This was Jean-Pierre responding to a question on US Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, being forced out of a DC restaurant by protesters: “This is what a democracy is.”

She’s right, though. This is exactly what democracy is—a piece of shit women and )ews use to abuse others. Let’s set aside the fact that women are incredibly stupid and do not comprehend freedom, let alone democracy, the “voice” of the majority is allowed to infringe upon the privacy of the minority, “peacefully”.


This is what white gynocentrism has led to. This is what the gynocentrism and simping of of white men has given us—women in public life. Stop and think for a moment about the fact that women are above scrutiny, criticism and reproof. Yes, it won’t be difficult to find men who literally have been brainwashed into thinking this way and they are extremely violent about their religion, too.

You heard Mangina Supreme: Women are in power! Women dominate! You understand what I’ve been saying, now? No? I didn’t think you would, because you’re brainwashed into believing that women are a force for good. The ramifications of such a delusion manifests themselves in mass shootings, too. Women are directly responsible.

These shooters tend to be young, angry, depressed and possess some sort of tranny mental issues. I mean, Zoomers are incredibly stupid, because they are a generation raised by emasculated men and single mothers all of whom subscribe to Feminine values and this is essentially the zeitgeist of both the Communist left and the Conservative right.

The Communist left push all the values that women push such as, women can do whatever the fuck they want despite the consequences as is the case with abortions, false rape allegations, false domestic violence claims, rape shield laws, vagimony, family court rape, faggotry, tranny bullshit, gun bans, unmitigated violence against others for their benefit and just about everything that is decadent and destructive in society. Similarly, the Cuckservative right promotes gynocentrism galore! These are and are not limited to, women can do whatever the fuck they want despite the consequences as is the case with false rape allegations, false domestic violence claims, rape shield laws, vagimony, family court rape, unmitigated violence against others for the benefit of women and Christ-cuckholdry, just to name a few.

The only differences between the two are that the Cuckservative men are duped into believing that they actually have a say and control of the women in their lives and the women are at first, more interested in securing resources from the men, until they turn to the state for their sustenance. They are less likely to depend on daddy government, but they are no different to the leftist cunt bags. The Cuntservative is just more brazened in keeping up the facade that dupes the TradCon. In turn, the Cuckservative men get to parade their faux masculinity more successfully, thereby perpetuating the exact same gynocentric nonsense the left does.

Why is this important? Well, many online are arguing over whether or not the recent shooter, Crimo III, was a deranged Trump supporter, or a transsexual Libtard. The short answer is, it doesn’t matter, for exactly the reasons I gave earlier. He is a retarded Zoomer raised on Feminine values. Whether or not he is a Communist leftard or a Trumptard, the same ideations of gynocentrism and Feminine qualities dominate his mental capacities.

How is this the case? These men—the Libtard and the Cuckservative—are quite feminized and emasculated. One is outrightly so, while the other tries to conceal it through pretentious vocations and actions such as big trucks, gun-toting, the survivalist “hurah” showmanship and unnecessary violence. They are feelings driven, just like women.

This is important to comprehend, because the shooters all have this gynocentric, pussy-begging drive and low self esteem combination at the core of their existence. The Feds rely on these types to carry out their glow ops. This isn’t to suggest gynocentrism to be at the heart of Conservatism. No, not Conservatism, but the male and female Conservative mindset—the TradCon. Right wingers are particularly feminized and violent and are totally preoccupied with “breeding”, “spreading their genes” and “starting a family”, like women. As I’ve pointed out before, gynocentrism is at the core of “14 Words”. “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” and “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth”. This has been legitimized of late, by those white men who are seeking to retcon recent scientific discoveries and theories that show whites to possess a more K-selected reproductive strategy in their recent history than other races. These men believe that it is natural and inherent to their existence and have begun to act and speak like women who are racing against their biological clocks and have to get married and start a family at a certain age. It is pretentious and contrived and when this fiction and self imposed delusion proves unsatisfactory, these men lash out.

Admittedly most of them commit suicide, or at most, kill their wives and kids, then commit suicide. However, this disillusionment that occurs as a result of young men consuming copious amounts of gynocentric pills, for their entire lives, then coming to realize that the gynotopia is a mass delusion, is happening at a very, very young age where the women in their lives not only push gynotopic brainwashing, but enforce that these little shit heads “validate their feelings”. The 3 letter agencies seek out these mental midgets and go to town on them, because they are easy to manipulate.

Any amounts of focus on women, in any capacity, results in weakness. This includes seeking a girlfriend, a preoccupation with marriage and procreation and pornography. Frequenting strip clubs, too. Any kind of prolonged contact and interaction and preoccupation with women yields this result. You need only look at fathers and the fact that their testosterone levels dip severely after having children. Of course, there are reasons for this, but it is worth pointing out to make my point.

I am totally against marriage in its current form and its semblance of the past 50 years, because it is rigged against men. White men who are in constant pursuit of women in ANY manner as they are today, are doomed and they are inadvertently contributing to their demises. Any man who tells you differently is a liar.