It looks as if data from Hunter Biden’s iCloud account has been dumped by 4Chan people. The anonymous person who dumped the data claimed to be getting a variety of threats for putting the data on the Internet.

An offline copy of Hunter’s iPhone has also reportedly been discovered and there are people trying to hack into it as we speak.

Since there appears to be great interest in preventing the spread of this data, I’m posting some of the stuff that has reportedly been found from the dump.

I have seen the content on Hunter Biden’s phone and laptop that have been dumped and can verify that it is loaded with sexual content that includes child pornography. CP that can incriminate both Hunter Biden and Pedo Peter…I meanJoe Biden.

It looks like this was the original 4Chan post.

The iCloud data contains Hunter’s porn searches which hilariously included him searching for videos of himself.

These pictures are just skimming the surface. There is about 32TB of data and I don’t want that shit on any of my devices.

There are screen grabs showing that Hunter apparently referred to his dad Joe Biden as “Pedo Peter” in his contact list. This fits in with prior reports of Joe Biden using the alias Peter Henderson.

Interestingly enough, Peter Henderson is a Tom Clancy character who was a KGB agent that infiltrated the US government. Why would Biden dub himself as such a character?

Photos of Hunter’s government identification cards are being spammed everywhere.

Hunter apparently sent a photo of himself having sex with a prostitute in the doggy position to his father.

More photos of Hunter smoking crack were reportedly found.

The data dump shows that Hunter was apparently searching for porn with 12-year-olds.

There’s an image of Hunter eating a sandwich with some whore that has a bag tied over her head while he is on a video call.

There’s other stuff out there, but this is just what I was able to come across over the past 30 minutes of looking on social media and various other sites.

Quite frankly, I don’t think what has been uncovered is all that newsworthy. We already knew about Hunter’s robust appetite for drugs and prostitutes. Not to mention his generally bizarre behavior.

While some of this stuff like the “Pedo Peter” thing is quite funny, it was already known that there was all this blackmail material out there from his laptop. His emails in particular were by far more important than any of this stuff being dumped from his iCloud account. They proved that he was going around the world basically collecting bribes on behalf of his father and his family. He talked about giving 10 percent to the “big guy” who was his dad Joe. Hunter’s drug and prostitute habits aren’t really the important part of this story.

Based on all of this insane material that has been exposed on his son, it is very possible that people behind the scenes were using it to blackmail Joe into cooperating with every global ZOG agenda imaginable. They probably told him that if he didn’t go along with the program, that they’d put him and/or his son in prison. That’s why no matter how much of this material is put out in the public domain, no criminal charges are ever filed against them.

Moreover, none of it matters. What matters most is the incoming global famine that is to enshroud us all. Do not get distracted with this and stock up!