We will start off firstly with a major fire that has burned down the Picnic distribution center in Almelo, Netherlands.

Picnic, the “online supermarket” and grocery delivery company that uses electric vehicles, received 600 million euros in fresh venture capital, last year. Most of it from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This past week, the Netherlands has undergone and sustained severe threats and attacks to their farming infrastructure. Many Dutch farmers have taken to the streets after the Dutch government threaten to seize their lands of they do not comply. The Dutch government is utilizing the climate change hoax play book.

As it is with most things these days, I am certain the entire ordeal is a generated psyop and color revolution to hasten the collapse of the west and implement more draconian laws and measures. If the women get involved, then you know it’s another gay op.

This is going on all around the world. Governments of various nations are deliberately crippling and destroying farming industries. It is not just the United States, as I’ve warned.

Circulating documents have revealed that the Dutch government is working with the World Economic Forum to implement “The Great Reset”.
These documents were released in response to an FOIA request submitted by a member of the Dutch House of Representatives and show that the Dutch Government is colluding with the World Economic Forum to implement The Great Reset.

The earth’s atmosphere is made up of 76% nitrogen, yet these people are pushing for “Sustainable Development”, by restricting no2 emissions. Tri-State City, incoming.

The above article has been since removed. Don’t you know that there are tremendous benefits to starving? Just like there are benefits to heart attacks.

With a looming famine and supply shortage around the world, the Dutch government like many others, are shutting down farmers. This is spiteful.

When do we use ze gunz?