All you have to do is claim violence if someone doesn’t agree with you. You can do that with any point of view. Claim violence when your weak ass argument falls short of proving anything. This is essentially what women are about. This is essentially what cops are for.

For instance, I watch CHandTy Audits quite often, whenever they have new footage releases, and I have noticed that every single time they audit public servants it is always the women who engage the proxy violence of the police officers. Every. Single. Time!

The women, because they do not like being recorded, because they feel they don’t look their best, or for whatever the fuck, they get very hostile and attempt to superimpose their feelings and made up rules as law. When the real law is cited to them, they begin claiming to feel threatened and unsafe. This is a powerful tool in a woman’s repertoire that uses when she doesn’t get what she wants and often leads to true violence and infringement on freedom. They resort to proxy violence by calling for security and cops.

The cops are there for the men, on behalf of the women, because “keeping women safe” is the most important thing. Not logic, not truth and definitely NOT FREEDOM. Cops are Feelings Enforcement Officers. Their job is not to uphold the law, but to superimpose their feelings and “protect” the feelings of women.

Cops are the manlets who did any and everything for female attention in high school. That includes snitch and tell on the other boys and ill speak the guys the girls were attracted to, all to gain favor and attention, because for them it never came naturally. In the presence of an attractive woman, most cops will not miss an opportunity to “defend her honor” and “keep her safe and secure” and garner praise and validation, at the expense of any man involved. She doesn’t even have to be attractive, at all actually. Gynocentrism is genetically engrained in these retards that they have created rules of engagement that trigger their violent white-knighting proclivities. Cops couldn’t compete on even footing with real Chads, so they formed gangs of retarded, mentally impoverished, emotionally driven manlets whose only way of exerting male dominance is to get over on the guys they couldn’t get over on in high school. Surprisingly, this includes blacks! So, their energies are spent on enforcing their feelings and the feelings of women; bullying people into submission with impunity.

Thousands of American law enforcement officers frequently travel for training to one of the few countries where policing and militarism are even more deeply intertwined than they are here: Israel. Why? Simply because ]ews behave exactly like women do and they want violent retards to “keep them safe” and protect their feelings.

This is why the ADL has been pushing very hard to make federal laws against “antisemitism”, which they have defined as “hate” and “violence”. Yet, antisemitism is properly defined as speaking out on your observations about ]ewish hate and supremacy. Just like it is with women, where no one—NO MAN—can ever speak about his observations of female behavior, unless he is ridiculed and labeled a “woman hater” and other forms of shaming language are levied against him, so too, do ]ews seek to silence those who criticize them and their behaviors.

I have, on this blog site, frequently pointed out that the real societal problem we have as humans are due to women and ]ews have merely incorporated Feminine values into their culture and existence. I do not say this jokingly, or out of misdirection, but the parallels are striking and should be clear as the new fake Edward Hubble photos. Again, before ]ews, there was the dynamic between male and female; the perennial male-female sexual dynamics that govern us all and everything we do.

The ]ewish problem is a Feminine problem. The woman problem is a Feminine problem that is pushed by the ]ewish problem. So, too, is the police, government and just about anything you can think of.

I await the questions and commentaries to the contrary.