I’m doing yet again another one of these articles, because too many people seem to be distracted by the Hunter Biden shenanigans, or the fake NASA Hubble telescope picture, Sri Lanka’s fake uprising, or some other retarded shit.

Are you prepared for the upcoming food shortages? That should be your main focus, aside from being prepared to start skinning traitorous shabbos goy, politicians and filthy psychopatic, pedophilic elves. Those ought to be our main foci.

We are FUCKED if the Communist plan to spark a global Holodomor, happens. Essentially, most of the world’s supply of ammonium nitrate (the quintessential fertilizer) is produced by Russia, China and the USA, yet China and the USA also consume most of their supply due to large populations, similar to India.

Yet, why is the supply chain fucked?

Well, China is in yet another covid histeria and might even go to war, some time in this decade. Russia is under sanctions and Kaliningrad (the only western Russian port that does not freeze in the winter and is not part of a warzone), is threatened by NATO. Most countries (remember the Lebanon explosion?) like Brazil import their ammonium nitrate from Russia.

Add this manufactured scarcity of fertilizers to the fact that USA is undergoing a third world inflation crisis, which will only worsen for locals, if the USA starts exporting her expensive food as she is to Ukraine along with trillions of dollars. Apart from the USA, most of the world is undergoing the same inflation crisis due to the endless QE3 of the covid hysteria and planned climate change hoax measures such as, Net Zero. Food prices are high due to real and monetary reasons, but these reasons are all designed, constructed and spiteful.

Crops and manufacturing plants are being intentionally burned down and sabotaged to varying degrees. Hundreds of thousands of farm animals have been/are being killed due to climate change lies and propaganda, and fertilizer supplies are diverted, just like the GPU supplies in the last 2 years.

They’re planning on shipping a large portion of our wheat to Africa. They’ve already told us. People need to wake the fuck up.

They will when the hunger hits. When their comforts are severely disrupted and the reality of the situation sets in. That’s just how things go. That’s human nature. All we can do is expose the culprits way before it happens.

The “prophet effect” will give authority to the rest of the message and they will go after the culprits, hopefully.

You and your family should be stocking up on rice, flour, yeast, sugar, oil, canned veggies, dehydrated milk, salt, plenty of stuff for at least a couple months of never going shopping. Right now I’m growing squash, beans, lettuce and a little corn, most of which will be eaten over the summer, but the squash can last through the fall/winter on a shelf. I also plan to freeze batches of uneaten beans. If the power fails, they’re getting eaten first. If I’m wrong I always eat my mistakes.

Here is one more thing that needs to be paid attention to: you see how Biden and his cohorts are constantly echoing the same refrain of not being in an economic downturn; that we are not in a recession and are actually doing historically well, economically? Well, I suspect that the Communists will, without publicizing it, open up the pipelines and reserves we have here in America, creating massive drops in gas prices. After all, this is the first place we tend to notice inflation, aside from food. It’ll be enough to sell the hoax and dupe many, but it will be short-lived. Just until “elections” are over. There won’t be a let up on high food prices, though.