The WEF has memory-holed their article from 2018, where Sri Lanka’s PM was bragging that his espoused ESG policy would make Sri Lanka rich, within a decade. Sri Lanka has just declared bankruptcy instead, and the WEF wants you to forget.

So, the World Economic Forum deleted this 2018 article, by the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. He stated that he wanted to “make Sri Lanka rich by 2025” with a “social market economy that delivers economic dividends for all”.

The latest, PM Ranil Wickremesinghe has said he is willing to resign following state bankruptcy and nationwide protests.

There’s a World Bank version of the WEF article, too, right here.

So, are the protests and storming of the Sri Lankan capital organic? I do not think so. The WEF itself has collapsed Sri Lanka in order to install their own people. Now they are covering the tracks.

How does this work?

Most of us believe the powers that be—the WEF—COMMUNISTS—do not make mistakes. As a matter of fact they make mistakes all the time! What gets muddied and obfuscated is the fact that they have studied and implemented psyops for so many hundreds of years that their ‘mistakes’ may go unrecognized. However, there are always uncharted waters and when they are met with such, they implement plan B. This was the case with Chavez, Maduro and many other leaders who “took without giving back”. They did not hold up their end of the bargain. So, it is not that the previous leaders do not belong to the WEF. It is just that they are no longer following the programme, so they have to go. It effectually makes the people believe that they are in control and have a say in “change” and their country’s future. It is a cheaper and much more stable way of invading nations, other than using military resources that have bad optics. That’s so 90s and 2000s.

The machinations are to control certain politicians and governments. If shit doesn’t work, no problem. Let people protest, riot and remove the government that is already controlled, then present them with new politicians that you also control. Now, the people think they made some choice. Repeat if it doesn’t work, until it works.


The powers that be are fuck ups. It’s just that they’ve never had to pay, personally, for their fuck-ups…yet. These people are not stupid, they are evil. All these failing economies, incoming recessions and depressions, fuel shortages, energy shortages, food shortages etc., are all deliberate.
They will keep shutting down, destroying, and buying up farms as a part of their project to cause a worldwide famine. They will ensure you and your kids will eat ze bugs while they dine on steak. They will ensure you and your family take the bus packed with violent, mindless mongrels, while they fly in private jets. They will replace Whites and outside of a violent revolution, there’s literally nothing anyone can do about it.

The )ews and their shabbos goys will fuck each and every country over and they will sterilize our children, have your wife raped, and you killed, and you will still be going “they so dumm lol, they fail so hard lol, me smart, they dumdum”. While everything they want—Whites reduced and subjugated, paying for the upkeep of )ews and their black and brown pets—will come to pass without some drastic action on the part of Whites.

The point to take away from all of this is that this is absolutely not organic and not “the people standing up for their rights against the tyrants”. It is a color revolution for the purposes stated above. Do not get sucked into the popular narratives—the )ewish MSM’s “They’re fighting for democracy and freedom”, and the alternative media’s, “They’re standing up against the globalists”. This is not what is going on. It has been done in the same vein as the January 6th “Storming of the Capitol”, to garner the support of retards, here in America. Retards who cheer on their own demise and destruction.

One certain earmark to look out for is women at the forefront and being pushed in the )ewish lamestream media and alternative media. Anything about women that pops up, be sure to comprehend that it is all a psyop! Psyops that lead to population drifts and more emmigration into white countries.