The neocon madman, John Bolton, was on CNN admitting to planning foreign coups. He told the ]ew, Jake Tapper, that Donald Trump did not do a coup, because of the work involved to pull off a coup.

Talk about a strange clip.

Bolton’s life work has pretty much involved him pushing for wars and overthrowing governments for the benefit of ]ews. He seems very proud of this work.

What’s alarming is that there are thousands of Americans who believe the American governement does not do, or is incapable of doing such things to the American people. Boomers, especially, are of the mind that “school shootings”, “mass shootings”, bombings and all other manners of methods to create hysteria and coups, only “happen over there”. Not here.

My dear readers, we are living in even stranger times, due to everything being televised and the technology TPTB possess are highly sophisticated that they make it their sole purpose to see how well they can perfect their methods in duping us. They are constantly running social engineering drills and exercises to stir up emotions and responses to sway opinions and garner support for whatever they want us to believe.

It is time to wake up and if you are already awaken, there’s no point in trying to awake others, at this point. Just make sure that you and yours are prepared for whatever will be thrown your way.