A very long piece of footage from the Uvalde “massacre” has been released.

Use hand sanitizer. Control the spread!

Hold up, let me get some hand sanitizer while kids are getting shot.

The “video” provides no evidence of anyone actually being shot. Only LARPING crisis actors as usual.

Here’s how we’re going to approach this. We are going to do takes on this as it was and is real, then we hash out other possibilities that come to mind.

The shooting was real!

Then cops are retarded, useless, cowards and thieves who live off of our stolen taxes. If this shooting was real, then the cops are truly incompetent pieces of shit, or there was some sort of restrictive procedure involved, which amounts to the same thing and more, including cowardice. If this shooting did occur and many kids did indeed die, the inactions of the cops were deliberate. This would generate propaganda points for the Communist gun grabs.

What kind of first responder checks his phone in the middle of a school shooting? I mean, when you’re standing there for 45 minutes, while the shooter massacres little kids, you have to lean against the wall and scroll through Fagbook.

“Only cops should have guns. Why do you even need a rifle?”

“Cops take an hour and a half to fucking do anything, while your kids are being murdered.”

All in all, the cops shot themselves in the foot by displaying why they are unnecessary. This is why the 2A needs to be upheld. This is the perfect example of why we can’t depend on police to defend us.


Where is the raw footage and audio?

They had to remove the audio, so no one could hear the cops complaining about how dumb the training exercise was and everything else indicated that nothing serious was going on. Why did they “edit out the children screaming”, over the sound of gunfire?
They keep the sound of gunfire and remove the sound of screaming around that, but how do you remove screaming during gunfire?

In addition, the cunt on the phone was very, very, very audible, but the kids weren’t! Why?!?! Even if the kids were scared stiff, how was it that their shuffling and moving around could not be heard. Not even whimper, or one of the childish running to the teacher in fear. The cunt is heard very well on the phone and the shooter’s gun, too, all the way in the parking lot, but not the kids? Even the shooter’s footsteps could be hard as he entered into the building. Not even a whimper.

This footage could have been created weeks after the fact. Video surveillance forensics is so sophisticated and advanced that we cannot believe anything we are shown, especially after the fact. Why hasn’t the bodycam footage of the officer(s) who supposedly fired the kill shots, been released? They should release the bodycam footage of the police entering the room and taking out the suspect. That would clear up some questions and doubts. No? Even if there were kids lying dead on the floor, they had no issues showing victims of other shootings and they can certainly blur them out. No?

They were FIRMLY GRIPPING their AR-15s (made sure to get that shot) feeling safe and strong, waiting for someone else to come in and do the dangerous work for them?

Once the faggot emo shooter is dead, all of a sudden, the cops are all itchy to rush in and “be part of the action”, so much so, that they have to be held back by some other jackass who explains that their rubbernecking is just going to get in the way of recovering the kids? This is utter incompetence. This cannot be real. They should have been allowed to rush in to rescue potential survivors. Again, this cannot be real.

This was definitely a hoax.

It was a drill, but the cops involved did not know it was real.

Just like 9/11, many of the first responders were told they were running drills. NORAD was running drills all month, where planes were flying into the twin towers. All participants were none the wiser. This is usually the case with any fed operation. This would explain all the aforementioned fuck-ups and inconsistencies among a host of others not mentioned. I mean, this video stinks of complete and utter crisis actor faggotry. They had time to put on gloves in order to not get their nails dirty, all the while a real gunman, hopped up on faggotness and SMRIs, murdered innocent children. These cops had to have thought it was a drill. Some would argue that drills are never so unorganized; that the cops were just scared. True, which brings us back to incompetence and cowardice, right?

Obviously no children were harmed during the filming of this gungrabber psyop.

Video: So, that was a fucking lie.

The likelihood of them successfully cutting out the screaming during the booms, is very low. I’ve done audio work for some time in the past, including lots of noise removal.
If you asked me to do it, I’d take a sample of the screaming, isolated from the gunshots, then try to make a profile of it using sony’s noise reduction tool. Then I’d attempt and almost certainly fail, to remove things from within that general frequency range, leaving only the bangs.
However, you can clearly hear the echo/reverberation trail after the gunshots, and there’s no way you could extract just the screaming from that segment without leaving some artifacts of the sound. None. Especially from an audio source that grainy.

If Waco was any indication of how likely this government is to start dropping mortar shells on a shooter, then that’s also a signature of false flags. I want to see the actual, unedited footage. Until then, I won’t be satisfied.

Is he looking at pictures of rifles? Or, is that a Punisher skull? What the fuck is he doing?

One thing is for sure and that is, if this is the type of guy who’s going to be trying to take my guns, I don’t think I’ll have much to worry about. Look at that fucking Punisher skull. His fucking lard-thickened blood is pumping through his turkey gizzard neck as he’s suddenly faced with the reality that even the scrawniest, doped-up puke can put him on his oversized, tax-paid ass.

He had to look at the punisher skull to hype himself up for 70 minutes, before “heroically saving the day” and forget the fact that anyone with arms and legs can put him in the dirt too.

I cannot take this shit seriously, because it glows. HARD! No kids died. This was set up and funded by FEDs, like every other “terror plot” in the US. Unless someone else has any proof otherwise, this is my position on this hoax shooting as well as the many others. I heard there was weird stuff with no ambulances, too, but I won’t get into that.

Not a single one of those “men” went in to save kids getting shot? I don’t buy it. I don’t think there were kids in that classroom, at all.

If the incompetence of the cops caused thre deaths of 19 kids, they should all get the death sentence. If they were just following orders and their inactions made 19 kids die, they should all get the death penalty.
If they were cowards who allowed 19 kids to die rather than put any risk on themselves, they should be put to death.
Still, I wouldn’t want the dead children dying of covid.