The Biden regime sent another $1.7 billion to the Ukraine to prop up the failed ]ew government.

At this rate, they might as well just dump pallets of cash out of helicopters over Kiev. The whole situation is ridiculous.

Look at this tweet.

Meanwhile, we have neocons like this asshole, claiming the Ukraine can still win so long as we send Zelensky more rocket launchers.

This is the sunken cost fallacy in full display. Nobody wants to admit that this entire strategy has failed and no amount of doubling down on it will make it work.

Ukraine is demanding $9Bn a month and the retarded Boomers in Washington are going to give it to them. It is just another ]ewish cash grab. Siphoning off monies to ]ews to fund ]ewish causes is just part of our democracy. You “vote” in some assholes to “represent us” and they ends up representing themselves and their ]ewish masters.

This summer, your ass won’t receive a fucking dime and you’ll still do nothing about it.