“Sloppy job, Mossad.”

There are 160 people in the United States (159 now) with the last name Sapirman and it’s most closely related to the name Kaufman.

The last name Kaufman is an occupational surname, which belongs to the category of “hereditary” last names. This last name was given to a banker, pawnbroker, or usurer. It derives from the German word lehenen, which means “to lend”.

From what I can tell, Sapirman literally means “Usurer”, or “practicer of Usury”.
I kid you not.

It is so weird that when “Sapirman” is typed into Google, the first two suggested results are, “Rabbi Yossi Sapirman” and “Chaim Sapirman”.

What does this mean?

So far, the Jewish press has scrubbed the history from the masses, but we all know that Jews have committed the most terrorist acts in America, by far. They were bombing shit left and right for 30 years until they got control of the FBI.

Seems like the Jew shooter was put down by his fellow tribesman.

What does this mean?

The Jews are going to continue to roll out the psyop false flag shootings until your gun rights are no more.