“Don’t get your hopes up.” “You should be prepared.” Not just yet. Still working out the logistics.” “Brace yourself.”

Here’s the reality, folks. Like I’ve told you guys since last year, everything is on the table! Get. Ready

Straight from the White House: “No announcement on ‘national climate emergency’ this week,” but “everything is on the table.”

Meanwhile, it is being reported that two “leading epidemiologists” explained: “You’ll be getting many COVID-19 boosters in the years ahead because that’s how the vaccines work.”

It is never young away!

You can trust the number one brand in honesty, because the “play book” is so easy to read, that none is needed to see what these people are up to. I do not deliberate on everything, because there is no need to. The over arching narrative is what’s important and what I will continue to give you.