What a big surprise. A judge has granted Tamara Lich, one of Canada’s trucker convoy organizers, bail and orders her immediate release from custody. The cunt said, “I am very happy to be free and out.”

Many retards who unwittingly support psyops and gay “protests” are rejoicing over this dumb cunt’s release. However, we here know and understand that this bitch simply grifted and supplicated her way to freedom. Being a woman, she is the weakest link and probably gave up others who were indicted, or she was working with the fuzz the whole time. It’s just the nature of the game, folks.

The day this ugly trashcan got arrested, she began singing a different tune about Canadians needing to be mindful of Trudeau’s kids. To add insult to injury and as proof of her being a grifting cunt, like all women are, she got off free and didn’t once demonstrate being down for the cause by staying in jail. That’s like retarded Jesus Christ believers claiming he sacrificed his life by dying. It’s not a sacrifice if he gets to live again! The going got tough and she bailed. If she really believed in what she was doing and believed it meant something; had she any comprehension of freedom, she would do what men do—sacrifice their lives.

Now that she’s gotten her few minutes of fame, it’s back to being a regular stupid cunt, destroying the lives around her.

Stop listening to women!