This is beyond ridiculous, at this point.

This is what we’re working for, my fellow Americans. The high gasoline and food prices are more taxation and the monies stolen from us, go towards ]ewish bullshit.

Even normies have to be getting tired of this shit. They are probably going, “how much fucking money does Ukraine need?” They need to stop being anti-Semitic.

Okay, I just checked and most normies have absolutely no idea the US Congress is sending these extortionate amounts of money to Ukraine. They don’t follow congressional updates. Only the latest goy tiktok e-celeb news.

Don’t worry about it, folks. Biden is a financial genius, so he’ll be able to pull that $4.5Bn out of his ass, so you and I have won’t to pay a cent of it in taxes. Inflation? Never heard of it.

Biden’s got our back!

The “Climate Change Bill” is going to save each and every one of us from swamp ass. What? It always gets hot in the summer, so there’s nothing to be alarmed about? Oh, that’s what you think. Wait till your ass is soaking wet from swamp ass, then you’ll know. You’ll be begging Biden to save you from swamp ass.

No sacrifice is too great. America will fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood and the last penny of the American people.

The reality is, aside from funding ]ewish shenanigans, Joe has special interests in Ukraine and needs to secure profitability. Pelosi, too, in Taiwan. So, don’t expect anything to come your way, anytime soon.

Have you ever spoken to some people and whatever you say to them, they answer, “yes”? Like, you could be making a statement, or asking a question that is not a yes-no question and they’ll say, “yes”. “Do you want medium or small fries?” “Yes.”

Why the fuck does Ukraine need all this money? “Yes.” Where is my money? “Yes”.

I think I’m truly beginning to understand why some Americans have started hating America.