They are literally trying to get rid of Trump in time for 2024.

Trump is going to prison. That’s just my personal belief.

He should have pushed the Resolute Desk up against the door of the Oval Office and refused to leave or concede a stolen election back on Jan. 20, 2021. It was his duty as the Commander in Chief and as the rightfully elected president. He is getting what he deserves. The Communists always treat their puppets and enemies like this. Enjoy prison Operation Warp Speed man.

I know many boomertards and Trumptards are saying to themselves, “this could be the catalyst for another civil war”. I have news for you idi- folks: there was no first civil war.
The so-called “civil war” was a fake war orchestrated by Judah P. Benjamin, the first ever, openly ]ewish senator, and his ]ewish banking friends in New York. It was intended to create an environment to justify the establishment of a central bank in the Americas, as they did in London. Learn your history.

Nothing is going to come of this. Well, nothing Trumpanzees want, anyway and not one of them is doing to do a damn thing about it. They won’t do shit, just like at the capitol. They don’t call them American’ts for no reason.

What’s to take away from all of this? Well, there doesn’t appear to be logic in any of this besides, sleepy Joe intentionally trying to provoke MIGApedes (Make Israel Great Again moronic Boomers and Qtards) into taking up arms. The Jan 6th committee fell completely flat in the public’s mind, but if there’s an active ongoing issue of Jan 6th types behaving like retards for the news cameras every day, then maybe normies will care (they won’t). Conservatives are cuckolds, so they won’t do shit other than whine about, “imagine if Trump did this”.

It’s over for Trump, but all drama surrounding him will continue to be stirred until he’s no more.

Yes. This is me not trusting the plan. Give me a fucking break.