I haven’t been writing much, because I have been busy, but I am very much aware of what’s taking place around our planet. It has been one thing to the next; the covid hoax supposedly ending (it is not), to Trump being raided, Salman Rushdie (]ew) supposedly being stabbed by a Muslim, the monkeypox scare and Alex Jones being used as a scapegoat pretext and Trojan horse to justify future censorship of criticisms of ]ewish hoaxes and psyops. It is incessant and all designed to keep us distracted and bombarded.

The latest has been “climate change” related, where the Communist controlled “climate scientists” are claiming ancient civilizations came to their end due to climate change that gave rise to viruses!

Yeah, bro. While this is true to a certain degree, the article specifically refers to bronze age civilizations, namely, Mesopotamian civilizations. Yes, due to megafaunal and microfaunal extinctions that are indeed caused by extreme changes in the weather conditions on the planet, many life forms did die out. As a matter of fact, the megafaunal and microfaunal extinctions led to great migrations, including humans. The sub-Saharan African Bantu expansion came as a result of the Saharan desert expanding, where many organisms died and those strong in will to survive, migrated to the southern parts of Africa. The Bantus, like other large organisms, went where the food was. However, that’s not what this article is about. It is saying these natural earth changes led to “three devastating global pandemics”.

These Communists will not stop, my friends. Do you still trust the science? I say this as an Atheist who has been an avid science buff for majority of my life—I no longer trust the science. Just so you know and are clear on what I’m discussing, I am going to be a bit pedantic for a bit. There is “climate change”and there is climate change. “Climate change” is a hoax that is pushed by ]ews and other Communists that suggests anthropogenic causes. The other—climate change—is merely changes in the weather, which we experience 3 or 4 times a year depending on where on the planet you reside. Climate is about change and in some regions such as the United States, where we reside in the temperate region, we experience 4 seasons with sometimes extremely cold winters and extremely hot summers. In the tropics—both the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn—there is the dry season and the wet season and there are other weather patterned variations depending on the location. The term “Climate Change” is a spiteful redundancy and double speak used by the Communists to justify their planned tyranny. It is how they confound the language to suit their nefarious deeds. These scare tactics has seen billions and even trillions of dollars spent on brainwashing our children, unnecessary government policies and overreach, spiteful ruinous social changes and most of all, the bereaving of our inalienable rights as human beings.

Isn’t it alarming that the article wilfully admits to the fact that “climate change” isn’t due to anthropogenic causes? It is so strange that they bring up “climate change” back then, when humans didn’t have all the “dirty fossil fuel fueled machinery” to cause pollution. They literally admitted that climate change (pay attention to the difference) is a naturally occurring process and phenomenon and not man-made.

The only man-made “climate change” is the climate engineering and cloud seeding operations they have going on, where they can literally change the weather. You better believe they have this power!

Still, they are attempting to coalesce the two hoaxes.

All of this is just the script from the movie The Thing 1982 many other movies with a similar motif. I wouldn’t be surprised if these ]ews are using some mega heatwave gun to spitefully cause the ice caps to melt rapidly. Sounds farfetched, but with these fuckers, nothing ever is.

I’m not long for this sick world.