Well, vaxtards? You faggots love facts, right? Yeah, I know. You guys don’t care, because you’ve moved on to this next thing; this weak ass monkeypox. The truth is, I am past caring. I’ve “accepted” the way things are now and there is nothing that can stop what is to come. This is just how it’s supposed to happen.

You guys can check out the raw data, here.

I can hear the retarded faggots going, “the sample size is too small and we don’t have enough details about the 7 all-cause deaths in the triple vaccinated group. It’s not enough to go on”.

“Very small sample size”. Ah, yes, the usual. No! Everything is fake except MSNBC and CNN.

Vaxxies, vaxxies, take your shots
Vaxxies, vaxxies, deal with clots
Miss Nurse Tam says you are ill
Even though your symptoms: nil
Take this booster with no worry
And the next one in a hurry
Take the third as soon as told
Take the forth and quickly fold
When the doctor says you should
Take the fifth one, if you would
Now your card is all filled in
Shame the boosters did you in

The truly horrific question you have to ask yourself is, if they could get away with it without people realizing it was the vaccine, would they still do it? The answer is yes, and not just for the benefits of desensitizing people to unnecessary experimental “medicine,” but because their express purpose for a century has been to get rid of 80% of the world’s population, by any means necessary.

The shots were designed to provide an untraceable death. There will be nobody to be sued or brought to justice for all of these deaths. The media is already priming the public with totally normal causes of deaths that happen even in children. This was well planned by the global elite.

So, it’s either the multivaxxed haven’t had enough time to incubate, or there are more single vaxxed people, or they got the vax a year and a half ago and now that their immune system is completely wiped, they are dropping off.

In the end, you will never be fully vaxxed. Only “up-to-date”.