First of all, there is absolutely no such thing as an incel—involuntary celibate. It is all voluntary. As long as the option of paying for sex exists, no one is an incel. Even if you think there are some people who cannot pay for it—paying for sex is not an option—there is rape. This isn’t an advocation for rape, but an illustration that one’s inability to pay for sex only exists in theory and in the extreme. As a matter of fact, incels, as they are understood and defined, CANNOT exist. Men have way fewer choices than women, but women being natural whores, will always use their beauty and bodies for resources and all any man needs to do is pay a prostitute for it. Women being lavished with options, may not like their options and often don’t, yet they possess an insurmountable and unfathomably high chance of finding a sex partner. Believe it or not, this is so, even for the ugliest of women.

It is an unfortunate and inescapable fact of human existence that most men are totally absorbed and obsessed with women. The average man’s obsession with women is so surreal, that they fetishize women’s bodily functions. There is the “scat” fetish, the “brap” fetish, the “golden shower” fetish and even a vomit and snot fetish. I’ve seen men with a fetish for women with hairy legs and have found there to be a sizable amout of online content with women not only with hairy legs, but also hairy chests and breasts. It is digusting, yet fascinating to see women with hair on their breasts and men being fascinated with it. Can you imagine being one of these guys who is sexually aroused by hairy-chested women? I can’t and maybe this is due to culture and how my brain is wired and those guys have neurons misfiring. Most men’s fetish for female body hair do not extend past pubic and armpit hairs, but there are men who go further. A woman can truly let herself go and become a fat, lazy, hairy, stinky slag and some guy would still have sex with her. He may not necessarily desire her sexually, but his desire for sex overrides what he finds appealing. Some men will even have sex with other men in dresses and pretend it isn’t gay. That’s how obsessed with sex the average man is that he will lower his standards just to appease his sexual urges, so the “female-incel” is pure fiction.

To bring the point home, I met a woman recently who claimed to be a “Femcel”. Her story was that she contracted genital herpes from a previous partner, now the men she meet refuse to have sex with her. If they do, they ghost her, or admit their fears of contracting herpes from her. This, she claims, has made dating (only whores “date”) difficult and frustrating for her, so she has given up. She also admitted to having had sex once in the past 3 years and the guy refuses to see her again, because of her condition. She even joined a dating site for people with her disease and it hasn’t worked out either. So, what’s the deal with this cunt? Is she truly an “incel”. Of course not! No way! She doesn’t have to disclose anything. She is actual, living proof that hers in purely voluntary. I am grateful for all the men who dodged this bullet, but still, there is nothing involuntary about her circumstances that warrants the label of “incel”. It simply does not exist and never has.

“Embrace Tradition”

What is incomprehensible to me is the fact that society and the media choose to put so much emphasis and focus on sexual intercourse; put it on a pedestal and give it so much attention. If you’re not married, if you’re not trying to conceive, it is literally just two horny, naked people slamming their most vulnerable parts against each other for 30 – 40 minutes. I have had lots of casual sex and sometimes I found the idea of it disgusting and weird, especially when we both know it’s temporary. I’ve also been in a few longterm relationships and the fun is lost there, as well. It blows my mind how, what I assume to be normal and reasonable people, choose to self-flagellate over some weird little ritual just because it’s constantly advertised and promoted.

For men, we love variety and we tend to enjoy sex more if we have multiple partners, but even that gets old, because the truth is, you don’t get to enjoy sex more if you frequently engage in it. It is mostly enjoyable when the option of having sex is readily available and that may mean more than one, or two options. But, constant sex gets really tired, quickly. I have absolutely no fucking idea how people are able to derive self esteem and self worth from this, or the lack of it. Fortunately for me, I have sex almost everyday, but when I do not for any extended period, I do not miss it in the sense of, “I need it. I need it right now!”. When I do see an attractive woman, the momentary lust (I don’t think there ever is any lust) gets overridden by logic and I think to myself, “here is another stupid cunt”, because women are generally retarded and to entertain the idea that she isn’t, just long enough to stick my dick inside of her, is more trouble than it’s worth. I have other shit to do, besides inflate the ego of some cunt under false pretenses, because she’s otherwise a useless, vain, and an empty person. A non-person.

[Because I have a very acute understanding of women and their nature, when I see them, an overwhelming disgust comes over me. This is because I am aware of the inane, pretentious, mindless, solipsistic, self-indulgent and attention-seeking preoccupation that is the Feminine experience. This translates into women interacting with each other and men as if each party is a baby—turned up vocal pitches and tones—exaggerated mannerisms and facial expressions and feigned interests and concerns; essentially the employment of the “Niceness Doctrine”. In addition, there are women’s inherent pretentious preoccupations with being dainty and prissy (pretending to be a princess or some form of royalty) about everything and their Cult of Safety (unless she’s the beneficiary of recklessness of her own doing). With such a pathology—one they never outgrow from the “playing dollhouse” days—there is no room, nor fortitude to withstand the consequences of errors and mistakes, therefore no learning can truly occur. This is why they are not intelligent, they breakdown, are always right, lie and avoid consequences of their poor actions and decisions and why I cannot lust after any woman. I see all this instantly, because this has been the essence of our society. It extends to stopping at stop signs and making turns in traffic, where there is always a long drawn out production. The need to be dainty and perfect.]

There are a few things that pop out at me when I read an article like the one above. The article is without a doubt demonstrating that women’s need for attention is insatiable. This is confirmation that it is not societally acceptable for men to have their own unique social causes or ailments. This isn’t to say that there is an “incel problem” as many often falsely claim. Rather, I am pointing out that even perceived or made up vocations, including rumors, women seek to insert themselves. Men aren’t allowed to have anything to themselves, neither for themselves. It is always, “make room for waaahmen”. In this case, it is quite apparent that only women are victims of anything and everything, not men. This is due to women needing to be the victim and act like they are the most affected. The gist of the article is born out of a false contrivance and the need of women to feel put upon, constantly, and can be summed up as, average and ugly women complaining that Chads do not want them, so they have to settle for a regular guy, therefore, I am an “incel”. “Poor me. ” It is conceit that results in unrealistic expectations of what she is able to attract. Her “incel” status is essentially her refusal to accept the reality that she is not desired by the men she desires.

Aside from women possessing an inherent need to intrude on every male space and the thesis being a false contrivance, one may argue that this is the work of the media; media propaganda propagated by ]ews. Yet, they will continue to make the points I have made throughout my blogs on women and ]ews—without their favorite morons—women—]ews are powerless. Furthermore, as I’ve stated in several other articles on the subject, ]ews are Feminine and have adopted The Feminine (Feminine Values) and are only able to sway public opinions and behaviors, because of their innate familiarity. This familiarity has given them an advantage and works with great success, because it appeals directly to and tittiliates female desires and inherent psychological predispositions. If it did not, it wouldn’t work. They are able to tap into the Female Animus—women’s desire to be like men.

In the end I blame make up. And simps. A 5/10 woman will reconstruct her face to look like an 8 (at least to guys who are into make up) and believe that’s her actual dating and sexual market value and since women never date down, or even within their own league, she’ll demand a 9/10 guy, at least. This, of course, is after she has fooled what she considers to be “lower tier” men (simps), that she is indeed an 8. It is like a guy taking his pay check, adding some zeroes with a pencil, then claiming he is now at the apex of male desirability.

As it is with everything women get involved in, it turns to shit and is destroyed.