Russia’s FSB is blaming Ukraine for the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter.

The FSB claims that a Ukrainian woman rented a flat in Dugin’s building, trailed her, planted the car bomb, then escaped to Estonia.

Ukraine has denied any involvement.

Do not believe anything that you cannot confirm, yourselves. Anything coming from the MSM ought not to be trusted and this could just very well be another precursor to what these Fourth Industrial Revolutionists have planned. FSB glowies say it was the Ukrainians, so it must be. USA Today, The Guardian, Reuters.

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Uh, how did she shut off the security cameras without anyone noticing? She’s probably a Ukrainian biolab experiment that has reached superhuman capabilities. She can turn off cameras with her mind and create explosives from anything. How the fuck they have so much info and footage only 1 day after the attack?
They even somehow have her Azov ID card.
But yet she was able to leave Russia with no problems?

This is a bit suspicious. She is a member of the National Guard Volunteer, which is just other words for Azov. Furthermore, her name is listed on a Russian doxxing website as a member of Azov. This reminds me of how the FBI found one of the 9/11 terrorists’ IDs just blocks away from ground zero.
I wonder if there were any newly-founded moving companies in the vicinity, too? That’s how surveillance states work. There is a ton of info everywhere, too much to ever actively search through.
Instead, after something happens, you look for who fled the country at the same time then work back through to who it was and keep finding more and more info already in the massive mess.

Zelensky can expect a Kinzhal hypersonic missile aimed at his car in response.

This is just a false flag to maintain the support of their citizens; to anger them into support of the war and the coming Duginist ideology. None of this actually had to have happened and if it did, it is not organic and all by design.

I believe the car bombing involving Darya Dugina was a false flag operation orchestrated by the Kremlin in order to outrage the Russian public and rally support and recruitment for their war in Ukraine. RT, Russians official state run news station has long been lamenting the lack of Russian youth signing up to fight in Ukraine. What better way to raise recruitment levels than to outrage the Russian people by having a false flag event such as this, and then blaming it on Ukraine? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Darya Dugina, daughter of Alexander Dugin, is hiding out somewhere or living in disguise under an assumed identity. That would be a textbook Putin tactic right out of the KGB playbook.

It is alarming to see how many people aren’t able to perceive and conceptualize how any of this can be mere production. They have absolutely no problems with understanding how movies are made, yet, when it comes to the media and these kinds of happenings, there is a mental block.

“If it wasn’t real they wouldn’t put it on the news.”