They’re going to blame Trump for the leaky vaccines!

As well as they should!

I’m enjoying this political theater. I haven’t laughed like this in weeks.

“Nobody makes vaccines like we do.”

Operation Warp Speed is Trump’s fault. The facts and evidence supports this. However, to be fair, this is like blaming another goldfish for pissing in the fish bowl. It changes nothing, but I can still get a good laugh out of the theater, because all of it is going to be blamed on Trump. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

I agree that Warp Speed was terrible and I opposed it from the start, but Trump never mandated it and only made it available. Biden and the Communist thugs behind him were not only the ones who mandated it, but they also censored everyone who raised concerns about its safety and efficacy.

Billions of people had this crap injected into them.

Which administration pursued a mandate via OSHA and government contractor regulations? I forget. Who cares. Everyone, government is to blame!

So, all of a sudden, the vaccines are questionable. All of a sudden, they aren’t actually 100% safe and effective. Isn’t it interesting? Very Interesting. Can’t wait to see where this goes from here. The tide appears to be turning and Donnie is going to be blamed, yet again. My goodness, they played him like a fiddle. On a roof. Mel Brooks style.

“He was just following the experts.”

Yeah, well, what that got him? Now they’re blaming him. I knew they would have Trump be the fall guy for the shitty vaccine. Again, Trump made the vaccine available, but Biden and ]ewish goons were the ones who used heavy handed tactics to force it on a lot of people. The way that these “people” avoid responsibility is astounding. If they overcooked a steak they would blame the fucking grill.