There’s a clip making the rounds on social media of Dan Bongino, of all people, saying that taking the COVID-19 vaxx was the worst decision of his life.

We did try to warn you faggots, Dan, but you didn’t want to listen. By taking the vaxx as a public figure you gave credibility to the entire vaxx program and made it more difficult for other people to resist this dark agenda.

I have no sympathy for Dan or anybody else who took the vaxx. I have a handful of family members who took the vaxx and they will all have to deal with the consequences of that retarded decision.

I spent the past two years doing what I could to warn people not to take the shots. I said repeatedly that no trip, no job, no anything was worth taking these jabs. Yet there were people who literally took the shot in exchange for free donuts and other things of little value.

There are also people like Scott Adams still trying to cope with the fact that us people who did not take the shots (Pure Bloods) were right. He claims that we were guessing.

Nobody guessed Scott. You just lack common sense.

We will likely see other public figures come forward with similar regrets. That’s of course assuming they don’t drop dead from the shots first.

My neighbor died after taking the vaxx. As his wife informed me, he took the vaxx, then the same night they rushed him to the hospital where he fought for his life for an entire month, then passed away.

Dan Bongino is right about one thing, though, and that’s you cannot fix stupid.