The United States and Germany combined are planning to send billions more in military aid to the Ukraine.

How many more billions is ZOG going to dump into this abyss known as the failed Ukrainian state? The whole situation is ridiculous. This is just doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on total failure.

I’m not particularly surprised that Germany is agreeing to provide more aid, but they along with many other European Union countries simply do not have resources to continue doing this. Especially considering the state of their domestic economies which are having all sorts of problems stemming from the sanctions they put on Russia.

Several of these countries including Germany provided no aid last month.

It is easy to assume they were probably coerced or threatened by the US to send more aid, but that’s only one explanation for this, because the German people are generally not supportive of freezing to death and having their economy destroyed for the Ukraine. You could apply that same statement to all other EU countries as well, but you’ll still be wrong about it. These governments, like the US government, do not give a fuck about their citizens and put ]ewish causes above the lives of their own people.