The World Economic Forum has published an article advocating the need to implant microchips with location trackers in kids. They say there are solid rational reasons to do this.

These World Economic Forum people and all these other ]ewish globalists types have been pushing this transhumanist garbage hard for years. They literally want to enslave human beings by merging them with technology.

Just listen to what the evil Israeli ]ew, Yuval Noah Harari, says about immortality. He’s been a high level figure within the WEF for some time now.

He and others associated with the WEF literally believe this stuff.

Basically these elitist ]ews and their minions think they can merge with technology to achieve immortality while they use that same technology to manage a small slave class of drones that will do their bidding. This, after they cull the billions of so-called, “useless people”, while pacifying others with drugs and computer games.

It’s an insane plan that is totally against the natural order of things. As a technophile, even though I’m enthused about how far technology can enhance the human experience, I know ]ews mean nothing well.