What exactly are the pros and cons of sending an all-female crew to Mars? Well, let’s consider the following closely. Pros: It’s a one way trip. Cons: N/A.

I’m only joking. Getting rid of women won’t bode so well for us men. After all, they are indeed beautiful and we love doing that thing with them, even though, outside of doing that thing with them, they are utterly useless. However, this entire All-Female crew to be sent to Mars, is a lot more than what it is leading on. Mars needs dishwashers.

First off, it is all symbolism and euphemism. They obviously aren’t going anywhere. Sending women to Mars, alone, simply means training all women for war (against men). Remember the adage that most retarded people subscribe to—Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. It is a psyop engineered to create the sentiments of “women are taking over”, “Move over men”. That sort of bullshit. The mission is called the Athena Mission, or something equivalently dumb. It’s just as hilarious as sending a dwarf team to Mars. “A small step for a man…”. They won’t be able to get proper measurements if everyone is “whistling while they work”.

Whatever it is that’s being done about this all-female mission to Mars, be aware that this is just more attacks on men—misandry. The machinations of the Gynotopia will never cease until all men—the main sustenance of the Gynotopa—is expelled.