Hundreds of videos from the widely anticipated GTA VI by Rockstar Games, have been leaked. I am unable to post links to footage, because Rockstar has been fervently in contact with her tranny cousins at YouTube, urging them to purge and scrub the platform of all footage. Many have been reporting that the main character in the new GTA VI as Latina. How is this the case? Well, take a look at the team of developers.

You’re probably wondering how Rockstar went from being one of the most widely acclaimed game development companies in the world, with tons of irony and dark humor and the best playability, to what you’re seeing in the GTA VI leak. Well, there’s the answer.

If you are thinking the above photo is a “girlpower” photo shoot and there are still men working at Rockstar; that someone actually needs to program, create and do some work, after all, you’ll be totally correct. Like me, you’re going, “where are the men?” They’re inside doing the work! Women do not create, nor innovate, but destroy. However, there’s a lot more to this.

I must say this before proceeding: because of the above image (no, not the gameplay footage. The one above it), I will never, EVER, pay for another Rockstar game in my entire life, because I understand what’s going on there, keenly. That’s a promise. I do not care about women outside of having sex with them (even that juice is not worth the squeeze) and I am not interested in what they have to say, nor their “accomplishments” and endeavors and certainly not their invasion of male spaces. They are for sex and nothing more. I have for years, fast forwarded scenes involving women in movies and TV shows. I still do, today. It is a waste of film and always a deviation from the plot, in addition to being irrelevant and mind numbing bullshit.

Let’s proceed.

I work for a software develpment company and I’m on a team of 6 and I do 40% of the productivity. The memes are real about these useless women in the workplace. They are everywhere and are in the majority. The women on our team do absolutely nothing all day, except plan social activities and participate in meetings that always amount to nothing.

Our Project Managers are all women, or pajeets (Indian men are extremely effeminate) and none of them know how to code.

The company can’t figure out why productivity is nothing like it used to be in 2015, even though we’re constantly hiring more women and pajeets who can’t code.
Somehow all of upper management is Jewish, too.
They got rid of all the “right wing extremists” in a purge in 2017, but will not get rid of me, because they know I do the work of 3 devs and as one sick, useless cunt puts it, I’m “eye candy”.

The only difficult part of my job is walking these female managers through basic logic to explain why the changes they want will destroy our data integrity. It’s okay, one of them took a Udemy data science class, so she’s completely qualified to lecture me about it!

This is the nature and culture that is now the gaming industry and the tech industry in general. The same occurred with CDProjekt. They hired a lot of women and snowflakes and their quality hit rock bottom, overnight. The company ended with Witcher 3.

Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive are run by )ews. Whenever you see a “woke” company, or a company going “woke”, look up the board members and check if shareholders are Vanguard or Blackrock, because it is literally “every. single. time.” This is not about making money, but about having a total monopoly on every sector of media. These )ews have infinite cash to play with to make cultural statements and create cultural upheavals. As I’ve continuously pointed out in my blogs, they use women to achieve this.

Blackrock and Vanguard fund these software development companies and they make their money off of other endeavors not involving media sales.

Remember, )ews are insidious but they’re not stupid. They understand that owning the narrative is their greatest asset. Still, this isn’t the crux of the problem.

The real problem is and has always been gynocentrism. As I’ve explained many times before (it is worth explaining again), what the )ews in control comprehend is that the nerds who created Rockstar Games were ignored their entire lives by girls. Once these nerds acquired wealth and power, they immediately started to surround themselves with women, by hiring them no matter their skill or qualifications. The real problem is with the simping, pussy-begging, mangina losers in charge who hired them hoping to get their peepees wet. They would have been better off hiring hookers and sugarbabies outside of the workplace, but these retarded simps, despite not having what it takes to attract women as readily as the average guy may be able to, still crave and desire that need to feel as if they accomplished garnering attention on their own merits; that the women who grift, larp and pretend to be interested in them, are actually interested in them, because of who they are.

These fucking geeks cannot be trusted around women. For as great as nerds are in creating cool tech and great lore and all the other stuff we love them for, they cannot be trusted with women. They will literally poison their own well and creative spirit out of simpery. Just to get female attention. )ews know this about human nature and it is exactly how and why they have been able to dominate.

It is why the workplace was the first thing to fall to “feminism” (female values). Nerds have no backbone and are fucking desperate to get a whiff of pussy and will literally do anything for a woman to show interest in them, even if feigned.

This is a major issue with the tech industry. One of the worst things I hate most about working in this industry is how many of the industrial “thought leaders” are complete simping, white knighting faggots.

Take this faggot for instance. Look at how he fawns over a roastie with a giant chip on her shoulder:

“Women need encouragement.”

“Diversity” and “inclusion” and never forget, “Be Nice.”

If you are one of those retards out there who believes videogames are for kids, then don’t be surprised when your kids turn out to be trannies or homos, because that’s the message pushed in games these days, by )ews, via women.

Every game these days has, “strong”, “independent”, “can-do-anything” women, or dykes in relationships of some kind. Men build it up and women tear it down. Every. Single. Time.

Honestly is there any female created hobby on the planet? Any activity that women dominate, aside from like fashion industry stuff? Come to think about it, not even the fashion industry they dominate. Men dominate the fashion industry. The modern wire support bra was designed, engineered and created by a man. What the fuck do women even do?!?? I have 3 sisters and all they just invade male spaces.

The female teams of “game developers” at these game development companies are literally all women who grew up watching their dads and brothers play Grand Theft Auto and other triple A games. Why do women always want to weasel into male hobbies and interest? It is the Female Animus.—the desire to be like men that reside in ALL women.

This has been the gaming industry for the last 10 years. Gaming is in an unbelievably bad spot, because of women and their simping, mangina cohorts. Now, trannies and weirdo leftist, faggots and cat glasses wearing cunts have infiltrated, due to preferential hiring. It isn’t just the “wokism” itself that is terrible in these games, but the gameplay and gaming mechanics of new games just isn’t moving forward and there is no innovation. If anything, a lot of games are moving backwards and video games have become degenerate, boring, soulless piles of dogshit.