I know what you’re thinking. “Women were a mistake.” Yeah. You’re right. This is what allowing women free roam in any society leads to.

Some of you reading may be of the mind that she’s actually just referring to teenagers having sex with other teenagers and there’s nothing to be all perturbed about. While this may be, it is how they slide in their real agendas, later. It is only the beginning. They then reveal their true motives which is to suggest kids can have sex with whomever they want including people of the same sex and much older. It is pedo promotion. This same cunt talked about kids’ right to consent with adults and other related shit. This is what happens when you give power to women. Besides, women pulled the same shit back in the 60s and 70s.

The facts still remains that women will do anything for attention or money. This is probably both and women destroy society in the interim. Nothing new here, folks. Well, okay. I’ll give you guys something new to reflect on—most women are pedos. They just don’t like male pedos.

The bisexual mother brags about giving her 3 year old son oral sex. The mother thinks it’s “cool”, because she wants him “to be “free”. It is hard to accept that these people are real, but the video helps to drive it home. Isn’t it funny how the 60s was even more degenerate than today, in some ways?

Cool, huh?

While the cunt in the report is talking about sex-ed and that the kids have the right to understand that they have control over their bodies and that they have the right to have consented sex with whomever they want, she left the “when they grow up” part out. Nevertheless, she obviously meant that sex-ed is meant to explain consent in sexual relationships and so on. She wasn’t explicitly saying that she wants to teach kids to have sex with each other while they’re kids. Or, did she?

In the past, this sick cunt tried to downplay a law that gives teachers the ability to teach kids about queer shit, so she’s a despicable piece of trash. It’s just that, because she didn’t really mean what people are spreading around the internet, the Communists are using this to paint an image of reverse slandering to anyone saying she’s advocating for pedophilia, which kind of discredits the attempts to “keep these weirdos’ hands away from kids”.

She used the expression “niñes”, in the past, to refer to children. Which would be the equivalent of “latinx” (or “childrxn”). What can you say, other than, by their fruits you shall know them.

What I fear most about this cunt is not that many attacked her unfairly, or that people don’t understand her speech, but that because people twisted her words, normies will see it as an unfair attack and will think she actually means good, because, “the right” focused on the wrong part of her speech (the surface) instead of warning about everything beneath her facade of “caring about children education”.

Her whole ministry is a travesty, anyway, as is the case with anything women get involved in. Millions of tax money given to making pussy-painting workshops and corporate feminist ideology.

She, like all women, are seeking to normalize their dysfunction and degeneracy. To them it makes them “strong”, “brave” and “endearing”.