So, Putin gave a speech. He said that thing that everyone agrees with, now everyone is siding with Putin, against America. Yay! I didn’t see that coming.

Now, I said a few articles back that I am no longer doing blow by blow coverage of what’s going on, because not only have I already laid out the plan for you readers and explained how all of this is going to unfold, but it is just too much to cover and I have resigned myself to only correcting misinformation. Let me explain, quickly.

Whatever happens and is going on, just rest assured that I’m paying attention, too, but I am not writing about it, because there’s no need to. There is no need, because I’ve covered it and all one needs to do is, check the archives for that thing. Just remember that it is all a psyop for our minds!

So, Nordstrom 2 pipelines were “bombed”, by the USA via help from Polish secret service and vaguely Sweden. None of this is important, because it was never supposed to take off. While I’ve written and shown that Biden made it clear that it was not going to happen, every single party involved didn’t want it to happen, including Russia. Sounds crazy, right?

Look, the plan is The Greater Israel Project, Great Reset, Net Zero, Perestroika, Belt and Road Initiative, Multipolar World, Eurasianism; whatever you want to call it, Israel is at the center and will become the new world’s super power with the help of the Communist Jewish controlled morons in America, Russia and China. Ukraine is merely the backdrop for the drama that is unfolding before our eyes. Moreover, all European nations are slated to destroy their energy-related industries; all dependency on oil, natural gas and nuclear energy is to end to fulfill the Net Zero agenda.

So, the pipelines were bombed, Putin stayed calm and collected as he is scripted to do, then goes before the UN.

Then, the narrative changed.

No one is to blame but faulty plumbing

Yes, my sweet summer goy. There will be no WW3, but Cold War 3. Many do not know that Cold War 2 started after the fall of the Berlin Wall, well into 9/11. We’re now in the Rules Based International Order.

Everything is going according to plan.

So, Putin gave his speech today, now every moron and his brother is going, “Putin is based!” Essentially, their retardation can be summed up as thus: Putin said trannies are bad, so, I automatically support literally every single thing he does. Clearly he is a force of strength against all of the things I stand against. After all, he said the thing in the speech.

Yes, my dear reader. Things are that sad and pathetic, today, because of that one speech. Putin is the best, because he hates trannies, too. It doesn’t matter if he’s a Zionist shill, like Zion-Don. These morons also support Trump, because he also says the same things they like hearing. Go team Red!

The reality is, ALL of these morons are falling for the political theater that is unfolding as planned. All the glow niggers from the FBI, CIA, Mossad, JIDF, Unit 8200, the 14 Eyes, the 5 Eyes who occupy image boards and forums, are spreading their misinformation to gin up support for )ews and their Bolshevik agenda.

Reminder! Putin is a Zionist shill and will be to the day he is pretentiously deposed. )ews are now accusing and demonizing the west for the exact, same propaganda the )ewish Bolsheviks push and promote in the west, in order for the non-western nations (Russia and China) to gain the moral high ground and global support for the geopolitical moves they are about to make. This is all by design.

Putin (Russia) will be the peaceful, meek and mild non-aggressor, while America will be the violent, belligerent, impulsive, aggressor. This is political theater to usher in The Great Reset—Perestroika. It is working, because useful idiots are falling for it.

More importantly, this is merely the justification for military escalation. You see, the false impetus for invading a nation about 20 years ago, used to be “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. Today, Putin is tugging on the self-righteousness of moralist idiots by invoking “Weapons of Ass Destruction” and I don’t mean farts. What Putin said today, is literally the new form of “They have Weapons of Mass Destruction”. As pathetic as it is, if you dislike or even hate faggots and trannies, today, you were on Putin’s side. The propaganda is that simple, yet, many have fallen for it.

Only retards would fall for this propaganda and believe one side is “good” and the other side “bad”. They are all bad. All governments are evil! These morons can’t conceptualize this, because they are susceptible to propaganda, because they do not comprehend it.

The US, Russia, China and Israel push propaganda in the west in order to allow the west to be demonized for said propaganda. The west does the same shit to these nations, except Israel. It is all political theater and always was. This may sound farfetched, but they are all in on it.

They are all part of an elaborate play (theater) and each play specific roles.

The propaganda in the west is from the east. Similarly, all the propaganda in the east is from the west. It is just how the game is played. EVERYTHING IS GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN.

I’m sorry to break it to you folks, but no WW3 will ensue out of any of this. Just faux militarization and fake skirmishes, here and there to get the Tikun underway. Mark my words.

If there is or is to be a WW3, it’ll be against you and I! That war is actually underway and we are losing. Ask Deborah Lipstadt.