As the )ewish takeover of planet earth continues, many are still left wondering what the fuck is going on.

This is all by design. It is a foreshadowing of what is to come. “Anti-Semitism”—speaking the truth about ]ews—will result in severe consequences for ALL goyim. Freedom of speech is finished in the USA. America has become like all other nations, where “anti-Semitism” is verboten.

Kanye West, whose net worth is approximately $6.6Bn, has been canceled by JP Morgan.

“Who do you think created Cancel Culture?” — Kanye West

This is not merely a foreshadowing of what is to come, but a wake up call to let us know that we have arrived! Even still, all of it is orchestrated and designed to stir you up and oust those who sympathize with Kanye West. Yes, my readers. This is another psyop being run on us, using someone who does not represent us, but who some people believe they identify with. It is being done to set the tone for what happens to those who criticize ]ews.

Remember, America is the only country where there are no severe consequences (jail and prison time) for speaking about ]ewish supremacy, yet, as of today, because of Kanye West, that ]ewish vision for censorship is not far off.

Welcome to the ]ew World Order.

What’s worse is that they can even make up stuff now and NONE OF IT has to be true. For example:

I don’t trust Kanye West, because I do not trust the ]ewish media. The only reason Kanye West and what he supposedly said (tweeted) is of any relevance, is because of ]ews and the ]ewish media. ]ews are covering this and forcing it to to be at the forefront of our minds. Nevertheless, this is our future. If they can do this to multi-billionaires, who the fuck are you and I?
Up next is Holocaust denial.